why put a tarp under a tent

Why It Is Better To Put A Tarp Under A Tent?

Some of us may be wondering “why put a tarp under a tent?”. We may think, do we need a tarp under a tent? There may be different thoughts and queries! In order that we are here, to share probable reasons for this, “tarp under a tent trick”.

Is it necessary to put a tarp under a tent? We found campers claiming, “it is good to put a tarp under a tent”.

Moreover, many online videos and articles advise that “putting a tarp under a tent gives the best protection for your tent & the best protection for you from moisture as well”.

Today we’re going to be answering the question, like do you need a tarp under a tent, how to set it up & its benefits.

So, you might have noticed that a lot of people will lay down tarps under their tents. And you might be wondering why they do which isn’t much important.

There are a few reasons why it is necessary! Hence, we thought it’s better for everyone must be aware of this which could serve the campers to withstand rough terrain and keep their tents safe.

Quick Answer

should you put a tarp under your tent
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Without question, a good quality tarp is an essential part of camping equipment.  However, the ability to create a shelter is one of the 3 key elements of wilderness survival (shelter, fire & water), and their place a groundsheet tarp layout is the first in a series of tarp shelter configurations.

Benefits Of Putting A Tarp Under A Tent

The fact tells us, taking a tarp along with your camping equipment is a kind of life insurance for your newly bought tent.

The main purpose of putting a tarp under a tent is to create a barrier between you and damp ground whic also help protect your tent floor from sticks and stones and punctures.

  • The Biggest reason why should you put a tarp under your tent it’s probably because the tarp will protect the bottom of your tent. Your tent is one of your biggest investments when you go camping right? It’s your shelter, it’s your lifeline, so putting a tarp under your tent will help protect the bottom of the tent and make it last longer. Especially from things like sticks and rocks things like that from nature.
  • The second reason why a tarp is helpful to be under your tent is that it might help prevent moisture from getting inside your tent. So when it rains, you know the water will seep into the ground and it could come up into your tent especially if there is damage on the bottom of the tent. But a tarp will help alleviate that.
  • Other reasons include insulation, giving comfortable sleep, keeping your tent clean,  also providing some extra cushion for a warmer night.

Well, there might be less possibility to get into these situations. Despite all this, all we can do is at least be aware and alert to prevent such risks.

Correct Way To Set Up Tarp Under Tent

why put a tarp under a tent
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When it comes to tarps you can get classic tarps. Usually, they’re blue and either come in gray or all kinds of different colors.

But you can just get classic tarps and put that under your tent or you can actually get a tent footprint. Basically it’s a trap designed specifically for your tent.

Mistakes To Avoid

  • Make sure the things are sized appropriately because it isn’t specifically cut
    for the size of the tent.
  • Get the tarp laid out and put it on top.
  • The problem that often happens there is tarp comes out from different ends.
  • It’s too wide most of the time that’s why when it rains it basically acts as a little funnel
    to take a river of water right underneath your tent.
  • Basically, two ways you can fix this if you’re setting this up one thing you can do is you can just
    take the tarp and you can just tuck it under.
  • The second thing that you can do is you can just set the tarp up individually and maybe if it could just fold in half
    for the right size.

However, the basic premise is you just want to make sure that the tarp is not sticking out after you put the tent on top and after that, there’s not really much more to it.

After you’ve done it a few times, you might kind of get an idea for where in your tarp you need to make your folds so you can just do that with your tarp. 


So now that you know why a tarp might be helpful to use under your tent.

No one will recommend you place a tarp under your tent but keep in mind that for sure you definitely should have one on camping.

To be honest, seriously! getting asleep on the floor is not fun putting yourself in an awkward and at risk of hurting from the bottom.

Therefore no brainer, tarps will help you to protect from such damage and help you to keep dry as well.

Just make sure to set up the tarp properly following the steps which we had already mentioned earlier.

Last but not least, investing in the right tarp for your camping is the most essential part whenever collecting camping equipment on the go.

Best Alternatives Tarp For Under Tent On Amazon

If you want to be at ease and comfy set up a tarp while camping. We recommend you invest in ground cloth.

There are no such differences in their functionalities but groundsheets are particularly made for this sole purpose which is why they rank on the more reasonable side.

Ground cloths are a far better option instead of investing in a normal standard tarp.

They are specifically fitted for a particular tent brand and model. Also, it has dimensions cut perfectly to the size of the bottom of the tent. That is why no brainer fits really well which is one of the nice things about having a ground cloth.

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