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Which App Should I Use For Iceland Tour?

By Basant Kunwar 01/11/22

Vedur (for weather)


This is an app for the Icelandic Meteorological Office that shows a map view of Iceland containing weather information along with alerts.

Straeto (for public buses)


The app allows you to explore and plan the most efficient routes from a  customised map, as well as book multiple tickets in advance

Iceland Road Guide


The app is based on the book Iceland Road Guide (Vegahandbókin) which has been travelling for 40 years in the vehicles of Icelanders and foreigner.

Icelandic Film Locations


The app uses GPS technology to pinpoint film locations in the user's vicinity. Many films have been filmed on the island and we would like to take you through the filming scenery.

Wapp (For Hiking)


Developed for hikers that features are on-and-offline trail maps, information on hike lengths and locations and even advice, both in English and Icelandic.

Appy Hour  (for saving money on alcohol)


It shows available discounts on beer, sometimes it’s wine, sometimes it’s both. But it’ll tell you what’s on discount and how much it’s offered for.

112 Iceland (for emergencies)


112 is the official app for emergency services and it allows you to "check in" your GPS coordinates with a simple tap



This app makes the scavenger hunt just a little bit easier by providing GPS locations for hot pots around the country.

Aurora Forecast


If you happen to be in the right place at the right time, a notification pops up on your phone projecting your likelihood of seeing the dancing lights.

Flight Aware


Avoid wasting precious time sitting around in an airport. Particularly useful during Iceland's unpredictable winter season.

Google Translate


It offers free of charge with Android and iOS apps that help Icelandic travelers navigate everything easily.