The Real History Of Motorcycle Bell

By Basant Kunwar | Nov 03, 2022

A guardian bell is a small bell hung on a motorcycle to ward off evil spirits and gremlins. These bells are also believed to bring good luck to the rider. Gremlin bells are made of different materials, including pewter, brass, and copper

Guardian bell

Motrrcycle bell/Guardian bell


The most common ones are Guardian bells, Gremlin bells, Angel bells, Memorial bells, Spirit bells, Motorcycle Bells, Fortune Bells, Biker Bell, Ride Bells and Goblin Bells.

Other names for Guardian bells



It should not be bought by the user

It must be attached to low part of bike

When a bike is sold, bell should be removed

Legend 1

Legend 2

Legend 3

The key to the bell’s power is good will. If it is stolen, it loses its effect...and karma will take care of the rest!

Are guardian bells only for Harleys?

No. Guardian bells can be put on any motorcycle. However, they are rarely seen on sports bikes, super sports, adventure or superbikes.

most bikers have only 1. It is said that those who have had accidents can sometimes be seen riding with more than 1 motorcycle bell.

How many Guardian Bells can you have?

Are Guardian Bells expensive to buy?

They typically sell for anything between $12 – $40 apiece. The more customized they are, the more expensive they are.


Is this the must-have accessory for Harley?