why do irish travellers dress provocatively

Why Do Irish Travellers Dress Provocatively? Case study synopsis

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If there’s one thing I would love to admire in Iris, it’s their Antifragility. In spite of the controversies of such questions as why do Irish travelers dress provocatively?

The Irish are incredibly stubborn and determined people. They are good in crisis situations and in tough times. Ireland’s history is most tragic and has been harmed by wave after wave of bad luck and grave misfortunes from time to time.

Their ability to adapt and cope in tough situations brings out the best.

The Prejudice of Irish Travellers

The article report, states that Irish travelers’ families are too strict with their girl child. It’s a critical social distinction. And a matter of interest the Irish travelers’ girls may dress provocatively. “The girls travel in a pack, promenading. They look very glamorous, lots of makeup and heels and long hair.”

Yet, it is a matter of look, not tactility. Study shows Fathers and mothers are extremely strict. And their girls are not allowed to go anywhere outside their homes.

That is why most Travelling girls get married young because they want to get away from that. Traveling girls, most of them today would be 16, 17, and 18, will want marriage and want to look after the home.

Confirmation As a record, Irish travelers Caitlin and her sister, Lizzy, have given people an insight into their community. She said:

 “As Irish girls, we’re not allowed to go on holiday until we’re married, or with our family. Obviously, there are different circumstances. If we were allowed, I’d be gone every year. You’re not allowed that until you’re married, or with your family. It’s a big no.”


The girls answered fan questions on education, work, and holidays. Where the girls operated a Q&A session online. That reveals most women in the community don’t go to work and leave it to the men. They explained they’re not allowed to go on girls’ holidays, and need to wait until they’re married.

But, Traveller’s life has changed now. Some Romany Gypsy girls are now favoring education and career over this model. The traveler community does not appear to be involved in the same level of broken relationships. As the settled community. It also operates with an honor code and respect for family values and traditions.

According to reports, the education system for these travelers girls appears like this from their statement;

“I think it just depends on the family whether they want to send them to school. Most likely no because that’s not the line of work that traveller boys or girls go down.”. “Some will go to school, some won’t, but it’s more common for them to not go to school.”

How Does An Irish Man Dress Casually?

Irishman, are charming, intelligent, extremely good-looking, and of course, modest.

Today’s date, many Irishman has worn different styles of dress adopting the contemporary styles of dress seen in other countries.

Most Irish wear clothes – depending on age, background, style statement, occupation, etc. The piled-high stereotypes of knitted sweaters, tweed, violently-hued tartan flat caps, and so on are found in shops catering to busloads of foreign visitors.

Men in Ireland are often seen wearing linen driving caps. The patterns and colors of these hats vary greatly by their design but are most often found in neutral colors. Aran sweaters are a historical part of Irish culture. Tourists may receive the special freedom to wear whatever patterns they want. Tweed is another fabric traditionally worn in Irish culture. Jackets are a very popular way to wear tweed, as tweed jackets are appropriate for many occasions and have a simple yet elegant style.

Little is known about what Irish women and children wear, but you won’t go far wrong assuming it is derived from wool.

How Foreigners Can Plan To Pack Dress For Ireland Trip?

Foreigners generally associate Ireland with green clothing and Aran sweaters, also known as Galway sweaters

However, today Aran sweaters and green clothing are more commonly worn by tourists than people who live there. Irish women have largely abandoned traditional flax clothing and are more likely to wear contemporary Western attire like blouses, sneakers, and denim. Irish clothing for children closely resembles that of other Western countries.

In Ireland, people tend to dress modestly, often wearing wool or tweed garments. Raincoats are necessities, as is clothing for cold weather. In addition, people in Ireland tend to wear boots, walking shoes, and other sensible and water-resistant footwear.


Despite the prejudice, now the Irish travelers’ girls had become matriarchs in the culture, particularly if they have a large family. And there’s prestige attached to being the mother of many. 

Whatever the context of the question i.e whether it’s about culture or climate or something else. Climate wise Ireland is somewhat unpredictable so be prepared for all eventualities.

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