Butwal fulbari parks in Lumbini

7 Things To Do in Butwal Fulbari Park | Butwal city pride

Butwal Fulbari Park is probably the best spot to visit when you are in Butwal city, Nepal. Privately known as Fulbari, this used to be the nursery for Lord Manimukunda Sen in the days of yore. 

The recreation center has a great deal coming up for you including a little zoo and a minuscule play area for kids. The zoo is involved in wild creatures like the cheetah (panther), deer, and Nilgai. 

The play area has slides and swings to keep the kids involved.

The nursery is inundated with rich greenery which causes you to feel a lot nearer to nature. While walking around the nursery you will run over an assortment of excellent blossoms that catch your heart in the blink of an eye. A perfect spot to spend time with loved ones, visit this Butwal Fulbari park at the end of the week to invest some quality energy.

 Butwal Fulbari Park in Butwal city 

About Butwal Fulbari Park

 The winter castle of the Palpali Sen group is exceptionally interesting in common and archeological qualities. There are remnants and artifacts of the superb castle of Manimukunda Sen an antiquated Palpali lord containing 6 huge rooms. 

Just as imperial living arrangement, authoritative and intriguing picturesque glory of Butwal, Siddharthanagar, and other neighboring towns of Rupandehi. The region can be distinctively observed from here around evening time moreover.

His Majesty’s Government, the archeological office has endeavored to keep up it in 1991. Presently Butwal region has framed aboard for the protection of Manimukunda Park to lead Butwal Fulbari Development Program and endeavored to make it a diverting and visitor resort. 

Things To Do In Butwal City Park

  1. The Park mainly features various flowers, a garden, and a small zoo, and the park is suitable for a picnic, or party, people feel happy visiting this place.
  2. An ideal place to hang out with friends and family, visit this park on a weekend to spend some quality time.
  3. There is a tiny playground for kids that features slides and swings to keep the children occupied.
  4. While strolling in the garden you will come across a variety of beautiful flowers that capture your heart in no time.
  5. Butwal Fulbari holds an incredible amount of natural and archaeological importance. At present, Butwal Fulbari is also famous for hosting weddings and other social events 
  6. Named after a legendary Palpali King, the Manimukunda Park is visited to explore the historical sites and ancient palaces..
  7. The park consists of a small zoo which is occupied by wild animals such as leopards, deer, nilgai, etc.

How to Reach Butwal Fulbari Park

You can catch an e-rikshaw from any location around Butwal city, it will only cost Rs.25 per head. Or you can reach Butwal Fulbari by bus from the old Butwal bus park.  

Frequently Asked Questions : 

Q.1) What is the best time of the day to Visit Butwal Phulbari?

43.48% of people start their Butwal Park visit around 2 PM – 3 PM. 

Q.2) Can I take photos/pictures inside the Butwal Phulbari?

Yes, you can take pictures inside the park. But If you want to use Digital Cameras, you have to grab the ticket following the park regulations. 

Q.3) Is there any hotel for a night stay?

You can enjoy a comfortable stay in Butwal city after visiting by booking the best hotels in Butwal like Dreamland Gold Resort, Darcy’s International Hotel, and Club De Novo. 

Q.4)How popular is Butwal Fulbari Park in Lumbini?

64.47% of people who visit Butwal city include Butwal Fulbari in their plan. 

Q.5)Busiest days at Butwal Fulbari?

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Q.6)Attractions normally visited before or after visiting Butwal Fulbari?

People normally club together Shree Jiteshowari Temple, Hill Park, Peace Park, and Siddhababa Temple while planning their visit to Butwal Fulbari. Similarly, there are other numerous parks in Lumbini.

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