Nagarkot Travel Guide | Things To Do And 8 Major Attractions of Nagarkot

Are you figuring out to enjoy your trip to Nagarkot? No worries, just go through the downlisted brief Nagarkot travel guide and know your best time to visit Nagarkot for a better pre-planned trip. 

The best place to visit is near Kathmandu, Nagarkot is the sweetest spot to enjoy each and every single thing adventurously, traveling has always been the best option for all of us to shape our lives in our favor. 

Nagarkot View

Nagarkot is a famous hill station to relax and is preferred by local people and foreigners the same. The Nagarkot hill station is situated 40 km east of the capital city Kathmandu and exceeds 1800m above ocean level. 

This hill station offers one view of the marvelous sunrise. On a lucky day, you may see the Himalayan reach toward the north, which includes the Everest and Annapurna highlands. One can likewise see the special actual village culture and way of life which this hill city has on offer.

Sunrise and sunset each offer something different, and you can go to the Nagarkot view tower for some of the best views. Traveling to Nagarkot is one of the best places to get away from the city crowd and hang out with family and friends. You should definitely visit this beautiful place in Kathmandu, if possible whenever you are near Kathmandu.

You can glance at the architecture of the temple and start the trek to Nagarkot. Most people in the area are farmers, and you can help with daily activities like milking the cow, collecting firewood, and cutting grass to feed the animals. 

Best Time To Visit Nagarkot

For clear views of the Himalayas, we recommend visiting between September and November or March and May.  Climatic conditions in Nagarkot will drastically affect the level of pleasure you can derive from the panoramas of the region, as the clouds are often seen obstructing some of the best views of the hills and countryside.  

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

Spring can too be seen as probably the ideal and the best time to visit Nagarkot. 

The cold winter temperature begins rising to offer a way to a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere, with a clear and bloomed valley and marvelous perspectives on the  Nagarkot hills. The broad majority of the daytime exercises like paragliding and climbing are additionally enjoyed into their full amount in these months. 

Things to Do In Nagarkot

Watch the Nagarkot Sunrise

View one of the most mind-blowing sunrises from Nagarkot Hill. Arranged east of Kathmandu at over 2,000m above ocean level, this spot is known best for its scenic panoramas on the rising sun. 

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

Start your day in the dark and drive up to Nagarkot Hill Station, where you’ll likewise observe the base of the Himalayan Range. At that point stand by as the early rays of light slice through the skyline – it’s an adventure for the books you’re guaranteed to love for a long, long time. 

Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking

Tourists frequently visit this point on 1-hour transport trip or by adventurous trek from several start stages through the rich green woodland.  With the Nagarkot Travel Guide trekking Team, the Nagarkot trek begins from one of the most seasoned temples of the city – Changu Narayan Temple which is accepted to be the underlying fifth century.

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

One can enjoy the architecture of the temple and start the journey to Nagarkot. Watch the grand Nagarkot sunset view and then drive back to your respected hotel. If you want, you can return early also. If the weather is good, you will see a good view. If the weather is not clear, you won’t be able to see a good view. You can participate in Nagarkot Day trekking Tours. For detailed information visit; Nagarkot Trekking

Spot Mount Everest

If you’re looking to spot Mount Everest, but don’t fancy an expensive trek, then it is possible to see the famous mountain from Nagarkot. As long as it’s a clear day, then you get to experience breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain range that stretches along your entire view north. 

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

This beautiful village is located on top of a hill just outside of Kathmandu and surrounded by scenic terraced rice paddies. You can stay overnight here and enjoy awesome Himalayan views from your balcony. Wish you better luck!  

Yoga Retreats In Nagarkot

Sights we suggest visiting are the Changu Narayan, an old Hindu temple, the Kailashnath Mahadev Statue, and the Doleshwor Mahadeva Temple. It’s no big surprise you will discover true peace during your yoga moments here. Retain your opportunity on the best yoga travels in Nagarkot now and experience supernatural happiness!  For more detailed information, visit; Nagarkot Yoga Homestay with Meditation Center

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

Do Nagarkot Paragliding 

Paragliding in Nagarkot is a sensational adventure going from adrenaline siphoning turns and going to a really relaxing experience flowing over the tremendous natural view of the Himalayas, timberlands, green valleys, and Tamang villages. participants will enjoy a shielded and thrilling flight, adjusted to their wants, with an accomplished paragliding pilot.

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

Drifting through the air, fly past high mountains. As a traveler, you need no past experience; you are given a couple of guidelines and afterward a couple of steps later you lift off with your pilot. Getting an extraordinary 10,000-foot viewpoint on the one-of-a-kind Himalayan display makes certain to begin you refrain to remember all the other things for some time. At the same, for adventurous activities, Nagarkot travel guide safety measures should be executed. For detailed information on Nagarkot Paragliding visit; Ticketnshop

Nagarkot View Tower

Considered the best viewing spot to enjoy the magnificent sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas, the Major attractions of Nagarkot command one of the broadest views of the Himalayas in the Kathmandu valley from where you can see the breathtaking views of the 8 major Himalayan ranges of Nepal out of 13 from here. 

 Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

A well-known spot to absorb the Himalayan quality is this tower, which rested at 2164m on an edge, in spite of the fact that the rising nature can cloud the sight. It’s around an hour’s walk (4km) south of the village, and best at sunrise. In case you’re not up for a dark and cold walk, cabs and private vehicles are handily organized through any lodging or traveler’s workplace. 

The tower is steep with a steel staircase. Hotel galaxy view tower also offers a brilliant view of the Nagarkot hills, furthermore Everest can also be viewed from the bottom of the tower as well. 

Mountain Biking

Biking is one of the best ways to tour the countryside, allowing you to get some great exercise while visiting beautiful destinations. Nagarkot Hill starts with a meet-up at Kathmandu before you depart just at the rim of the valley to the top of the hill.

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

Thoroughly enjoy the beauty of nature around you. Through the trails, you’ll reach the local rural villages and farms, where you’ll see the locals in everyday life.   Another way to approach Nagarkot is by mountain bike from Bhaktapur.

One of the major attractions of Nagarkot which includes bike travelers to relax and chill. The route is steep and somewhat tortuous and you may decide instead to leave Nagarkot (i.e. downhill) using this method. For detailed information visit; Biking In Nagarkot

Nagarkot Day Hiking

The hiking trails of Nagarkot day climbing goes through the rural settlement, farmland, forest, and some ethnic culture and way of life around the open people.  The path to Nagarkot Hiking goes through the country’s Nepalese villages, neighborhood social people, woods, and some severe spots

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

You may experience nearby culture and way of life. in the event that you start immediately in the first part of the day from Kathmandu is clear to see the sunrise and Himalayan view for the road trip to Nagarkot. In the event that you will remain for the time being in Nagarkot then you can begin the evening from Kathmandu. For more information, you can visit; GreatHolidaysNepal. 

How to reach Nagarkot?

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

You can take the public bus, which will likely be your slowest option, or you can arrange for a Kathmandu to nagarkot car hire (jeep or 4 by 4 ). To arrange a car or jeep to Bhaktapur it’s probably easiest to ask your hotel or travel agent in Kathmandu to make arrangements. Shop around for the best price and don’t be afraid to negotiate. 

The same options exist for traveling from Kathmandu to Nagarkot distance. Take the public bus for less Kathmandu to Nagarkot taxi fare, it’s a far better travel budgeting option for the economical tour. Get there early and claim a seat, it will be a tight squeeze once the bus fills up. It’s a bumpy ride on bad roads.  Despite all, how to reach Nagarkot? has always been a threat to most of the intended visitors. 

Where to homestay in Nagarkot?

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit

Hotel Mystic Mountain Nagarkot

Every room faces a breathtaking view of the Himalayas and has a balcony terrace to enjoy the view and soak up some sun. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the greenery. Some of the rooms even have a private garden to relax in your own small piece of heaven.

Settled in the midst of the thick greenery of Nagarkot, Hotel Mystic Mountain simply like its name has clear surroundings and peaceful surroundings. The lodging is arranged on top of interesting towns and terraced fields, exceeding the foggy clouds that encompass the hills around.  

Overlooking the valley’s past, Mystic Mountain has the ideal combination of present-day extravagance and changing nature. You can have the option to enjoy the best of luxuries and healing on nature’s lap. These Nagarkot Hotels give the ideal mix of rich support to being spoiled with additionally to draw nearer to nature through nature strolls, climbing, and other gutsy exercises. For more visit hotelmysticmountain 

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

The hotel is well-equipped to provide world-class service and a luxurious experience.  Nagarkot resort with a swimming pool, a luxurious spa, a tennis court, and a well-equipped gym are some of the facilities you can enjoy during your stay at Hotel Mystic Mountain. 

Hotel Country Villa

The lodging is arranged on the highest point of Nagarkot Hill at 7,200 feet over the ocean level, and the property offers the fabulous show straightforward. Tremendous sunrise and sunset coming from behind the Himalayan Range is the thing that our visitors respect each day and night from their galleries. Wild nature, the Himalayan reach, and quiet peacefulness. 

Nagarkot Travel Guide 2021 | Things To Do And Places To Visit 

Along with some delicious food is the thing that makes our place one of a kind and wonderful. Found just 28km from the International airport makes Hotel Country Villa the nearest and the most ideal decision for exploring the wild nature and unbelievable Himalayas of Nepal. For more information click to visit. Many other luxurious Nagarkot hotels are also available in large numbers. Other Hotels 

Frequently asked questions :

Q.1) What are the places to visit in Nagarkot?

  • The Nagarkot Buddha Peace Park
  • Changu Narayan Temple
  • The Himalayan View
  • The Kailashnath Mahadev Statue
  • Spot Mount Everest

Q,2) what I can buy in Nagarkot?

The choices for shopping in Nagarkot are limited. Henceforth most travelers want to shop in Kathmandu which is only 28 kilometers from Nagarkot. Mala Shop is the sole spot in Nagarkot that sells remembrances and gift items. 

Q.3) Why is Nagarkot famous?

Nagarkot is popular for its Himalayan perspectives the Himalayan tops at sunrise are a renowned incredible sight. Nagarkot is arranged at 2,195 meters over the ocean level and is the second high hill around Kathmandu Valley. 

Q.4) Can I see Everest from Nagarkot?

Yes, it is considered one of the most scenic spots in the Bhaktapur District. It is known for its sunrise view of the Himalayas including Mount Everest as well as other peaks of the Himalayan range of eastern Nepal. 

Q.5) What is the best time to visit Nagarkot?

 October to March. 

Q.6) What is the time and cost of the bus from Kathmandu Airport to Nagarkot?

The bus took about 50 minutes to get to Bhakatupur, and then another hour to the airport. The bus cost 60 NPR to Bhakatupur, and then 50 to the airport. At

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