Phewa Lake | Best Place To Visit In Pokhara

Phewa Lake, the second biggest lake in Nepal after Rara lies in the heart 0f Pokhara valley and is one of the most ever now and again visited objections by nature sweethearts in Nepal and all around the world. Lying at a height of 2434 ft, the lake spreads over a region of 4.3 sq km with a normal profundity of 28 ft.

The lake is semi-regular as it took care of by streams like Harpan Khola, Purse Khola, and Pardi Khola, and additionally managed by a man-made dam. Lakeside, a little city on the northern piece of the lake isn’t only a great place to hang out yet.

In addition, a travel setting for adventurers to various destinations like the Annapurna circuit, Poon slope, Ghadruk, Mustang, and more.

Major Attraction

On a miraculous morning, you can see the identical representation of the Machhepuchhre (fishtail) mountain on the lake, which is a stunning sight. Boat rides take you to the Tal Barahi sanctuary in the middle essentially showing you around the lake whichever alternative you pick.

By and by, a boat ride in Phewa Tal while in Pokhara is an unquestionable requirement, it’s a totally extraordinary encounter as you paddle in this excellence with the mountains encompassing you in all ways imaginable. Local people are glad to assist you with their boats on the off chance that you can’t discover one.

The market extended on the passageway of Phewa Tal is famously known as the lakeside and is the ideal objective for shopping, eating, hanging out or simply following the quiet path.

Phewa Lake | Best Place To Visit In Pokhara

Things You Can DO During Phewa Lake Visit

  1. Tal Barahi Temple Situated at the focal point of Phewa Lake, is the main strict landmark of Pokhara. This two-storied pagoda is accepted to be committed to one of the Hindu divine beings known as Vishnu. It normally becomes busy on Saturdays.
  2. Sarangkot and paragliding, Sarangkot is just one spot in Nepal for paragliding, from where you can fly over the Fewa lake.
  3. Fewa Lake Mountain Biking Tour – 1Day
  4. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the Lakeside while boating.
  5. A fascinating scene of Paragliding and Ultralight in the sky.
  6. Phewa Lake Boating trip
  7. You can swim if you are confident.
  8. You will be accompanied by fish.
  9. There are likewise energizing paths in the thick backwoods encompassing the Lake that make it an ideal objective for nature walks, bird watching, and trips.
  10. The forests are houses of widely varied vegetation that one can investigate while they lay on the shore in the middle of their boat rides.
  11. One of these paths paves the way to the World Peace Pagoda from where one can appreciate an awe-inspiring perspective of the lake and the mountain ranges. In the event that the common light is correct, one may even observe the impression of the mountain tops in the water.
Phewa Lake | Best Place To Visit In Pokhara

Phewa Lake Travel Tips

  1. Be careful with mosquitoes around the lake, particularly in the event that you go boating, it is smarter to convey cream-based anti-agents.
  2. In the event that you decide to go boating on the lake, do as your boatman to take you to the Taal Barahi Temple which is arranged in the center of the lake.
Phewa Lake | Best Place To Visit In Pokhara


  1. Hiking, Boating-including lessons, Mountain biking fun rides.
  2. Around Phewa Lake – Sarankot/Naudada/Hemja loop.Paragliding.
  3. City sightseeing, Reiki, yoga, meditation, and massage.


  1. Diwali-The Hindu festival of lights and worshipping of Laxmi
  2. celebrated in either October or November, is a great time to be in Pokhara.
  3. Full Moon Trance Parties are held in the surrounding hills during the warmer months.
Phewa Lake | Best Place To Visit In Pokhara

How to reach Phewa Lake?

  • By car from Kathmandu: Numerous travel agents are available in the Thamel area. Prizes vary on the type of car as well as the time of year approximately($120-$140)
  • By Air from Kathmandu: Yeti Airlines, Buddha Airlines, and Simrik Air are reputable airlines that operate regular flights(40min).
  • The nearest bus stops are the Camping Chowk bus stop and the Nareswar bus stop.
Phewa Lake | Best Place To Visit In Pokhara

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q.1) What is the best month to travel to Pokhara (Phewa Lake)?

In the spring and fall, the high season is in Pokhara. This is generally from March to May and from September to November. The temperature is charming during the day (around 20-25 degrees). These are the busiest minutes on the grounds that these two periods are likewise best for the multi-day journeys in the Himalayas. Book your online bus ticket now.

Q.2) What are the Busiest days at Phewa Lake?

Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

Q.3) What is the best time to visit Phewa Lake?

05:00 pm – 07:00 pm

Q.4) How much are the entrance ticket fees for Phewa Lake?

A Boat ride will set you back approximately Nepali Rupees 500.

  • 1 hour – 500 NPR
  • 1 hour with boatsman – 550NPR
  • Full day – 1000NPR

Q.5) Hiking From Phewa Lake?

Pokhara Half Day Tour Through Fewa lake Boating and Jungle Hike.

Q.6) What are the best places to visit in Pokhara?

  1. World Peace Stupa
  2. Sarangkot
  3. Phewa Lake
  4. Begnas Lake
  5. Mahendra Cave
  6. Bat’s Cave
  7. Gupteshwor Temple
  8. Bindabasini Temple
  9. David’s Falls
  10. International Mountaineering Museum

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