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Top Hat Carriers & Cases To Help You Pack like a Travel Boss

Hello, all of the boss travelers! How many of you out there love hats? Any thoughts on that travel case? We feel obsessed with hats sometimes. But we need to wear them all the time, right? For sure, you might travel a lot for work. But wearing hats and traveling do not go together. Everybody knows that if they put their hat simply inside a suitcase, it will just completely going to lose its shape.

When you’re traveling, you don’t want to wear your big hat. Because it just feels like a nightmare trying to find a place in the overhead compartment to put it, and then over and above, it can get squished.

So how to travel with a hat? Okay! Let’s figure this out.

We are here with the perfect products for you. Are you ready for this, Hat Case? We have sorted out the best travel hat box, and hat travel case for you guys where almost all of them are easy to handle during the travel.

You can carry these hat travel bags over your shoulder or as a backpack, as well as some of the hat-carrying cases are also perfect to put in your suitcase.

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Our Quick Picks

Best Overall

best ford f150 swing case toolbox

Atzi Universal

Best Budget

best ford f150 swing case toolbox


Best Convenient

best ford f150 swing case toolbox

Asher New York

Offers multiple carrying options that fits almost any hat

Pops up and crushes in need accordingly to save space

Makes a great travel experience with good hold of rubber strap

Our Top 16 Picks For Best Travel Hat Box & Bag Carriers

Okay! let’s begin with our top 16 best picks for hat carrying case for travel.  Henceforth, invest in a sturdy and protective hat case for travel.

So if you wanted to do it, you can just throw in your hats which isn’t going to hurt. Nothing is going to lose its shape. Nothing is going to be harmed. Whether you carry them while hiking or on the plane. The travel hat box will keep your hats in perfect condition

Happily, it appears like the hat case is the best thing that ever appeared to people who love hats.

1. Atzi Universal Size Travel Hat Boxes

Looking for a universal size travel hat case?Atzi is the perfect hat case to invest in.

When traveling it can be worn as a backpack or a shoulder bag for the airport.

Overall Best Hat Travel Case

atzi hat travel case

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Well, recommend both male and female hats (please see dimensions) before buying.

Pros :

  • Has multiple carrying options
  • Extra care hard exterior
  • Water resistant
  • Can fit up to three hats

Cons :

  • Big felt hats is not easy


This case is for both men and women having Fedoras, Panama hats, Trilby, Bowler, Boater, pork pie, Bucker hat, Yeshivish and Chassidish hats.

2. TIURE Travel Box for Big Round Hats & Caps

TIURE gives enough space to store big round hats and caps. As required it expands upto 19 inches of diameter with a pop up feature.

Depending on the model and size of the hat case it can accommodate to at least 4 to 8 hats.

Moreover, light weight enough to be used as carry-on luggage for travel.

Best Budget Travel Hat Case

best round hat travel case

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We recommend this hat case for not storing any luggage on top as the hat could get crushed. Overall a true space saver as well as hat protector on a reasonable price.

  • Accommodate both small and big hats
  • Can be compressed & includes a transparent lid
  • Flexible to store hat at home and also for the travel
  • Package dimensions is 20 x 20 x 3 inches

3. Goklmn Men and Women Hat Travel Case

It is pop-up storage bag with zippers and leather double handles. And can accommodate almost all types of hats.

Moreover, fits multiple hats and keeps all the dust off, while also keeping the shape.

Best Budget Alternative

best hat case for travel

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Easy for traveling because of its light weight and can be used as carry-on luggage for travel., also flexible for home storage in closet spaces.

One of the best hat carrier for travel on a reasonable price! 

  • 17 inches in diameter and can hold up to 8 hats
  • Nylon material, metal steel ring bracket and leather handle
  • Safety elastic band to prevent hat from rolling
  • Has trasparent lid for easy viewing

4. Asher New York Travel Hat Carrier

This sleek new look and design by Asher New York is an ideal solution for many travel hats. The hat shaped box allows for easier travel and less aggravation from various airlines.

This hat case is very convenient to travel with as it has an elastic strap on the back to slip onto any suitcase handle.

However you can slide over luggage arm which is also a nice feature if you don’t want to carry it.

Best For hat travel bag Category

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Highly recommend this Asher box to anyone looking for a great hat travel bag.

  • Water resistant outer shell
  • Interior can easily bear shock
  • Also offers convenient name card slot
  • Handle with rubber strap for good hold

5. Belfry Travel Hat Box

A collapsible hat box on a reasonable price. It’s more of a soft bag with cardboard sides than a hard case. Fits an ordinary top hat perfectly.

Whether you need one for a pair of fedoras or a delicate dress hat, keep them in great shape inside these Belfry travel hat boxes securely.

Best Cheap Hat Case

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This is a soft hat box that is good for storage as it keeps your hat from getting dusty, but is quite not very good for travel as it is crushable if not looked after.

  • Removable cardboard inserts
  • Collapsible nylon for convenient storage and travel
  • Can accommodate multiple hats stockpiled
  • Product dimensions is 12 x 12 x 1 inches

6. Stora Hat Storage Box

Easy to pop up, easy for storage and travel. It’s large enough to accommodate many different styles and sizes. Highly recommend for travel purpose especially because of its handy travel strap, versatility, and durability.

This material used is 4X stronger than polyester and can hold 6-10 beach hats and western cowboy hats with no chance of piercing the sides.

Best For Portability

hat box for travel

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If you have pretty regular sized hats then it has potent to store even more hats. Super comfy hat case for travel!

  • Mainly designed for travel
  • Light weight, equipped with beautiful bronze accents to keep things stylish
  • Rain resistant for travel
  • Material used is polyester
  • Product size is ‎16 x 16 x 8 inches

7. TreeHouse London XL Travel Hat Boxes for Men & Women

Treehouse London is one of the luxury hat-carrying cases that fits both men and women. It has a shoulder strap for easy carrying with a sturdy zipper and reinforced handles.

Moreover, it is collapsible which can comfortably protect & store 6 to 10 stacked hats, and baseball caps depending upon the size.

Best Hat Travel Case With Protective lids

best hat carrier bag

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Besides all, You could also use it for the storage of lots of other things like children’s soft toys, winter sweaters, summer clothes, craft fabric, and so on.

If you need a large hat box for wide brim straw hats or fedora hats, this is perfect to invest in!

  • 100% hard storage box with PVC window in lid
  • Can holds up to 12 medium sized hats and 20 baseball caps
  • Perfect gift for a boss traveler who love hats
  • Package dimensions is 14.25 x 11.25 x 1.2 inches

8. Nachvorn Travel Hat Box

Nachvorn hat storage bag is great for closet organization, travel, moving activities.

Comfortably holds hats for women like sun hats, beach hats, wide-brim hats, etc. Similarly, for men’s too fedoras, low-top hats, cowboy hats, etc can be stored.

Best For Premium Large Storage Of Hats For Travel​

It not just works as a travel hat box but is also ideal for Car travel storage, makeup & kids supplies.

best wide brim hat travel case

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  • Material used is nylon and metal
  • Has an effective waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof feature
  • Recommended for indoor storage and outdoor travel
  • Clearly visible lid blocks dust
  • Product size is 17 x 10.5 inch

9. The Elixir Deco Hat Carrying Case

The Elixir Deco Premium hat case can store even a large cowboy hats and is light enough to be used as carry-on luggage for travel especially for women figures.

Made in round shape with weight of 1.3 pounds it fit 11 inches worth of stacked hats comfortably.

Best Hat Boxes For Women Storage With Large Round

best cap carrier case

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It offers additional storage in comparison with other hat storage boxes.

Without any doubt, if you own a big round hat! The Elixir Deco is the best hat case to invest in with sufficient functional benefits.

  • Round hat container of synthetic material
  • Accommodate 4 to 8 hats depending on model & size
  • Pop up bag with a collapsible feature to store in a closet space
  • Product dimensions is 17 x 17 x 11 inches

10. Senvate Hat Carrier For Travel

Looking for a baseball hat travel case? Senvate hat carry case is perfect to invest in. Moreover, it can also be used as a snapback travel case.

However, this hat travel bag is for the men’s department only. It offers 2 different ways for freely carrying: One with a short handle and the other one with a long removable shoulder strap for easy transport.

Best Baseball Cap Case & Hat Organizer

best cap carrier

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The stylish way to transport, store and protect your cap and hats.

  • Can hold upto 6 hats
  • lightweight EVA, crush proof neoprene material
  • Offers 2 different ways to carry the hat carrier case for travel
  • Product dimensions is 13.11 x 11.77 x 5.51 inches

11. Lids Cap Luggage Container

A piece of stylish and protective hat luggage for cap wearers and collectors especially for young adults.

A great unisex hat carrier, it is sturdy to keep the hat in a safe structure. Easy to use, simple to zip it open and close it. Made of crush-proof EVA material with a handle and shoulder strap for easy travel.

Best For Travel Hat Luggage Category

hat box luggage carry on

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A great gift idea for a friend who travels a lot. Royal surprise gift for hat lovers!

  • Holds upto 6 hats with Metal frame protection
  • Has handle and shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Can accommodate almost any hats for travel
  • Product weight is 12.48 Ounces

12. CASEMATIX Hat Travel Case

Provided with a rubber handle and adjustable shoulder strap, it is made of eva material that is hard enough to keep your favorite hats protected and looking fresh!

Made to accommodate with enough protection for 6 full-size caps without getting crushed and deformed.

Best For Size That Fits In Suitcases

best hat carrying case

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As required, it can conveniently be deposited in a larger suitcase or backpack during travel.

Highly recommended for the baseball department!

  • Holds upto 6 baseball caps
  • Impact resistant hard shell hat bag
  • Soft non-scratch interior fabrics for protection of cap
  • Product size is ‎12″ x 9.5″ x 4.75″
  • Product size is ‎12″ x 9.5″ x 4.75″

13. Joshmin Hat Carrier/Cap Case Organizer for Trave

An ideal unisex-adult travel luggage case to store hats such as Fedora/Panama Hats and even baseball caps with enough protection.

Can hold 6 to 10 hats comfortably protecting against dust, dents, and other environmental hazards.

Best For Versatile Design

hat carry case

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Included with one handgrip handle as well as easily removable padded adjustable shoulder strap with breathable holes to allow airflow.

Furthermore, it is also ideal for a fedora hat travel case.

  • Specifically designed to prevent hats from wear and deformation
  • Can hold different style of hats together at a time
  • Product dimensions is 19 x 12 x 6 inches

14. Uniform Hat/Cap Travel Carrying Case

A perfect travel hat carrier case for carrying uniform dress hats and caps such as captains hats, yacht caps, chauffeur hats.

Moreover, it is pretty familiar as an ideal cap travel case for Airline Pilots, Law Enforcement, Ship Captains of such as Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, etc.

Best For Airline Pilot, Police Officers, Security Officers

hard shell hat box

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It is made up of enough space for other accessories like passports, credit cards, glasses, pens, uniform gear for easy travel.

  • Especially made for airline pilot, police officer, security officer
  • 3 handy compartments for passports,credit cards, etc
  • Product dimensions is 10.75 x 10.5 x 6 inches

15. Marco Polo USA Travel Hat Case

Looking for a cowboy hat travel case to give good protection?

This is an ideal hat carrying case to invest in, which can accommodate almost all types of hats in one size with a sturdy plastic hardshell.

Best Exterior Hard- Shell Hat Case

best hard shell hat box

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For easy traveling, it has a strap for a luggage handle to carry around. Handy travel gear that will allow you to travel freely without any worry about your hats.

  • Classic for the rough & tough traveling
  • Made up of hard plastic
  • All in one (one size fits all)
  • Weight is 1.13 pounds

16. Creative Scents Large Hat Box for Men & Women

Large round hat box for men & women storage with a sturdy Gold lock and a nice design display which upscale it to a modern look.

The handcrafted detail around the hatbox makes look like it is from an era where quality reigned supreme.

Best Luxury Hat Case

large hat box

Check Price On Amazon

Even in hot summers weathers, it can stay in great shape made up of high-quality PVC leather.

If you are a hat person get one, it would be worth buying!

  • Gold locking lid
  • Great as photography prop and wedding shower gift
  • Material used is leather
  • Pretty large in size with diameter of 13″ High 9″

Wearing Hat Travel Benefit

Sometimes, I think when you’re wearing a hat you get more attention, because everybody’s like, who’s that person in the weird hat? But, it’s perfect when you’re on a plane cause you can kind of just hide from annoying seat neighbors. I don’t wanna talk to anyone just read my book, read my magazines, listen to my music, or just wanna zone out and think about stuff that I haven’t had time to think about before.

That’s kind of the perfect thing about being on a plane, right? You’re in your own little zone, no one’s hopefully bothering you, and you can really focus on things that you haven’t had time to focus on in your real life.

How To Pack Hats For Travel?

In general, the more rigid a hat is, the harder it’s going to be to pack. If you do want to bring a hat that is more rigid, we recommend then putting it in a sturdy hat box like Marco Polo (no.15)and then putting it in your suitcase so that you don’t damage the hat.

Don’t have enough hand room for a hat case? No problem!

If you are moving out with your favorite best hat for travel with no hatbox? Then for sure, you must have to know how to pack hats. Travelling with a hat without a hat case Sounds tricky right?

Steps To Keep Hat In Best Shape

  1. Place hat crown-side down
  2. Fill the hat with soft clothing
  3. Pack the rest of the clothes around the hat

The wide-brimmed hats with a structure, you absolutely want to preserve them but you want still rather pack them in your suitcase than wear them on the plane. For these, I recommend packing them upside down on the side of the suitcase opposite where your handle is because that side usually has a flat bottom as opposed to the other side where the suitcase’s internal mechanisms are.

So once your hat is placed, surround it with all your other items and stuff the inside with socks and underwear, or other soft clothing. So this way your hat is totally secure. This isn’t a guaranteed safe spot because things can shift around in your suitcase while in transit but it can definitely help retain the shape.

Magnetic Hat Holder

This tip for packing a hat is to just bring it with you outside of your suitcase. This is probably the most common method I see especially with that beautiful expensive felt or straw wide-brimmed hats. You can wear them hold them or even purchase a magnetic clip designed to keep your hat hooked onto your luggage or your tote bag in transit.

Or Pick A Fabric Hat

A fabric hat can be flattened or folded are those wide-brim outdoorsy hats or even just a simple cotton bucket hat or a sporty 90s nylon option too. Since those are pretty trendy right now, these hats are easy to toss on a beach bag too. So even as you are going on your trip and going from activity to activity you don’t have to worry about taking care of it or being too precious about it.

One thing that you want to keep in mind when packing any hat is what the brim is made out of. If it has any sort of structure at all, like foam plastic or any wire, you want to make sure that you don’t bend or fold the brim to keep it in the best shape.

Final Thoughts

I am pretty sure if you did invest in hat case for travel. It will help you to keep your hats in perfect condition without any harm or losing their shape.

According to your need, choose the best-suited travel hat box available in various shapes and sizes required for you.

Or, share with your traveler friend who would love to hear from you with new travel ideas!

Safe Travel, Safe Spell !!

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