best stretched saddlebags for street glide

Best Stretched Saddlebags For Street Glide Touring (Review/Compared)

Colombia survey of October 2018, the number of Harley Davidson street glide sales reaches the third position despite being the most expensive motorcycle model. Well, this is just only a month’s stat.

However, street glides are specifically designed comfortably for long riding but have you ever thought of sacrificing those improved storage space; #stretched saddlebags? Whether that’s extra clothes, food, or tool kits, the stretched bags for street glide fulfill that need for any touring.

Don’t worry! you have landed in a perfect place let’s come to the topic. These stretched saddlebags are the direct replacement for stretched saddlebags which (a) offer enough room, (b) are durable and made of plastic/fiberglass and (c) also fit with the stock mount support and lid.

It’s reasonable and not expect to cause an argument that saddlebags are one of street glide must have accessories in any touring terms.

So how to find the best aftermarket stretched bags for a street glide?

First things first, your motorcycle compatibility comes first hand, followed up by the bag weight which the bike can bear with no drag. Bag mounting type, lockability, weatherproofing, and the needed adjustment for the exhaust pipe.

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In this post,

  1. Quick Pick
  2. Comparison Table
  3. Full Review Of 5 Best Stretched Bags For Street Glide
  4. Things To Consider Before Buying Stretched Saddlebags
  5. Problem Of Stretched Saddlebags
  6. Conclusion

Quick Picks For Best Stretched Bags

Best Overall

best stretched bags for street glide

TCT-MT 5" (2014-2020)

Best Budget

best stretched bags for street glide

XFMT 5" (1993-2013)

Best Color-Fit

best stretched bags for street glide

Advanblack US 4.5" (2014-2022)

Best-selling; Quality and cost is no object, worth every penny!

Bag that fits everyone budget to give stretched custom look

Your search for custom color bags ends here (80+ choices)

Depending on bike color type, budget, & requirements choose the best one you find suitable for you to invest in.

Almost all of the listed stretched saddlebags are sturdy with waterproof and have a lock feature for the security purposes of the materials.

Features Comparison Of Stretched Saddlebags

Analyze the comparison table and find out your bike fitment, style, and affordability. You can get stretched saddlebags that come super minimalist to high-end and universal fitting to a custom fit as well.

stretched saddlebags comparison table features

Full Review Of 5 Best Stretched Bags For Street Glide

Most of the Harley Davidson street glide stretched bags that we have included in the list are of great designs and have sturdy configurations that give you the chance to ride further while keeping your belongings safe.

Now, let’s check out the best Harley Davidson saddlebags for touring.

1. Best Overall | TCT-MT 5″ Hard Stretched Extended Saddlebags

best stretched bags for street glide

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Why We Picked?

Starting off the list with a top-selling stretched saddlebag of all time is a TCT-MT 5” stretched saddlebag.

For beginners, If the street glide is of (2014 to 2020) model, get ready to be overwhelmed! As good as OEM paint, thick ABS plastic material with smooth edges giving that low profile stretchy look. What do you want for less than $240? In case for a higher-end! The fourth and fifth saddlebag from the list is awaiting you.

Waterproofing – Not only it safeguards the essentials but also adds extra space for storage to backpacking problems however getting wet is an issue, especially during the long tour.

Easy To Install – The installation is super easy with no additional mounting hardware, Unlike any other saddlebags that require drilling. It is designed to install in the original position.

Lock Security – The bag is made with keeping security in mind safeguarded with 2 latches and trustable 2 keys. You can stroll around stress-free.

Fitment – Any models between 2014-2020 Street Glide, Road Glide, Touring Road King, FLT, FLHT, FLHTCU, FLHRC, Electra Glide & Ultra-Classic. They’re good to go.

Overall in terms of durability and color quality, it comes brand new designed with strong Plastic and smooth edges. They are excellent to protect your gears from thieves.


  • Premium quality on a budget
  • Finished look with just one upgrade
  • The installation takes no time
  • Has locks to safeguard the gears
  • Long-lasting color finish that is flawless


  • Imperfect locking mechanism

2. Budget Friendly | XFMT 5″ Street Glide Stretched Saddlebags

best stretched bags for street glide

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Why We Picked?

This saddle bag is a runner-up great alternative to the number 1 listed stretched saddlebag with an excellent pricing factor, and multiple fitment choices.

They fit 1993-2013 Harley touring models like FLHT, FLT, FLHT, CU, FLHRC, Street Glide, Road Glide, Electra Glide, Road King, and Ultra-Classic. Even more on models like DYNA, Softail, and Sportster, they fit perfectly with conversion Brackets. The XFMT 5″ beats the price competition on a tight budget, and that makes it a terrific choice, provided you can spend a little more money.

Ease Of Use

They mount easily on the surface without any adjustment. You can store items like a puncture repair kit, rain gear, a first-aid kit, and many more. You’ll have to clean the bag once in a while in between years to have them new.

No Paint Needed

The paint is elegant look great and will not disappoint. These bags come already painted, unlike some others which need to undergo primed, painted, and sanded.

Pro Tip – “Loosen the factory connections so the holes will align PROPERLY. Otherwise, you’ll keep wondering why the hole position is not matching.”


  • Low price
  • Easy installation process
  • Works with Softail, DYNA, and Sportster
  • Key locks for safekeeping
  • Easy to clean


  • Only 1 compartment

3. Best With Speaker Lids 4″ Stretched Saddlebags With Speaker Lids

best stretched bags for street glide

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Why We Picked?

These are a great alternative to those average-looking extended and bulky bags that are on the market. These are perfectly designed to provide great space, waterproofing, and protection of your gear. The package includes a pair of saddlebags with 2 bottom rubber cushions and 2 grommets.

They are made of hard ABS Plastic/Steel keeping durability in mind for touring models. The only thing of concern is its higher pricing but worth every penny because of the smart features that they impart.

Speaker Lids: The TCMT 4″ Stretched Saddlebags come with speaker’s lids which makes this bag unique from any other in the market. The speaker is positioned from the top and has the lid of a vinyl condom that fits precisely. They are useful to make the speaker area watertight. Not a major concern but make sure to use a plug that avoids leakage entering the box.

Compatibility: These are 2014 and up bags that only fit Street Glide FLHXSE and Road Glide FLTRSE 2015-2020.

Pro Tip: “Make sure to provide the gasket sealant to seal that speaker area for extra safety. Not mandatory but it’s something more to think of!”

The bottom line is outstanding quality and with almost no modifications they give a completely new look to your Street glide. Your belongings are in safe hands cause lockability features are strong which is a problem with some aftermarket saddlebags.


  • Weatherproof
  • Creates musical environment in real world
  • Fits appropriately on each side
  • Sturdy Construction of hardware
  • Color options to fit OEM paint


  • Fits limited Harley Models

4. Best Color Matched | Advanblack 4.5″ Street Glide Stretched Bags

best bag for street glide

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Why We Picked?

They have all of this stuff that you can get in your factory color already pre-painted when it gets to you. That is a big thing for some who live in a small town. And if there have some auto body shops they don’t love taking on small projects like motorcycles. So it’s really nice to be able to find a place that continues selling bags that are already painted and you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Construction: The quality they are pretty good it’s molded well and the plastic is sturdy and of course, the paint is. It’s got the rubber seal just like the stock one to keep water out of the hinge. The hardware is heavy-duty they got a nice thirst strap where they got their logo on it which is kind of cool.

Mirror-like Paint Finish: The paint quality looks like a mirror, until and unless you got those little paw prints over them from installation.

Fitment: This newer saddle bag fits 2014 and up Harley touring models of Street glide, Road glide, Road king, and Ultra classic.

Note: These saddlebags have bolts in there to keep people from stealing. It’s kind of easy to steal the stock ones with a screwdriver so having an actual thumb screw with it is a little bit of a security feature. And plus it’s super handy to take on and off.

Installation Walkthrough: The bag is meant to be installed in about 30 minutes with just a few modifications. You’ll get instructions, and some rubber shims and the cool thing is as they come with an actual strew; a different kind of quick disconnect. The stock ones have little push-in and turn. Also, towel and keys are there cause you know it’s not a stock-locked matched key.

Pro Tip: “Rattling around in there you can hear it when you’re going down the road rattles so having a liner is gonna be pretty nice.”


  • Color matched
  • Tested ABS plastic
  • Pre-drilled
  • No extras to buy
  • Enough space for gears


  • Does not work with saddlebags guard

5. Best Custom-Made | Al Capone 7″ Down and 14″ Out Stretched Bags And Fender Kit For Street Glide

Get the look

Why We Picked?

Red fox baggers make some of the nicest fiberglass body kits for Harley Davidson on the market today everything from the packaging to prompt shipping to fitment to the finish. Everything is top-notch they’re constantly coming out with new products.

Their 7-inch down 14-inch back godfather kit is pure elegance and beauty. This Capone bag is a beast to make something a little different from others.

All of their products are thick fiberglass, not the cheap thin stuff that you see a lot of out there which makes a huge difference.

When it comes to the bodywork minimal getting ready to paint as opposed to a lot of them. Their prices are high and picky but very reasonable so before you start your next build on your custom bagger. By all means, Red Fox makes great stuff and you will not be disappointed!


  • Impeccable craftsmanship
  • High-quality fiberglass
  • Aggressive look
  • Complete custom choice
  • Durable Parts


  • Higher price

Things To Consider Before Buying Stretched Saddlebags

Filtering out the best-stretched saddlebags from hundreds of bags from the market is overwhelming. The bag stands out individually on the respective functionality and features so prioritizing the choice and specifications promise good aspects of the bag that you are really looking for your street glide. These are some factors that guide you to find the right aftermarket stretched saddlebags.

1. Hard Plastic ABS

The first important thing bags must have is a promising material quality means reliable plastic construction. The keeps the inside gears safe from sunlight, rain, or any other weather conditions. ABS does not scratch or dent from little scratches yet fiberglass construction has the great configuration in terms of quality.

2. Fitment

The specific model fits in that vehicle only please check compatibility before purchasing.

3. Bag Size

The Bag of 5L to 60L is the most relevant available in stretched style bags. They are volume rich enough to keep and store extra things in time. Most common stretched bags have one compartment that provides easy one-way space. They are pretty easy to clean and good to reach.

4. Weight

The next thing you should do before buying is to find out the saddlebag’s weight to fit better for your ride. Here, the heavier one gives you a better balance in fact the lighter one will also doesn’t slow you down. Therefore choose according to your needs.

5. Rubber Protection – Waterproofing

This may look simple but it’s the most useful one if it’s downpouring. A rubber grip around the lid secures water from entering the bag. So, look at saddlebags having rubber protection on the lids.

6. Trustable Mounts

Is the saddlebag securely mounted? Will it be able to keep you and the bag safe while traveling? Here, consider 3 things. Whether you can securely mount the saddlebag to the bike, lock the bag, and access the bag easily. Check the complete set of instructions for secure mounting that comes with the bags.

7. Price

The higher price always is always promising for their complete set. The well-stretched look, hard construction, and large room for belongingness are what make the value of the bag rich. The thin-priced bags as well keep the stuff safe and dry only difference is quality-rich features that are available as per the customer’s needs.

Be Careful Of General Problems For Street Glide Stretched Saddlebags

  • In a few bags, legroom for passengers is diminished by some side cases which could be a problem.
  • There are chances of bags might get scratched so get handy with care to any contact.
  • A set of saddlebags does not come with clear instructions for mounting and installation which is not a safe solution.
  • The specific model of bags fits in that vehicle only so please check the years and their fitment model twice before making a purchase decision.
  • The hard equipment in the box rattles in some road extremes so using a bed liner is going to be an excellent and safe way to cut rattling noise.


All right! There you have it. What do you think? Did you find your best stretched bag for street glide to make a purchase?

These are always to ready to improve your ride which is absolutely a cake. You can mount these stretched saddlebags for street glide without a professional by yourself with a few little extra skills. Thanks for the saddlebags! It appeared to be one of the most effective problem solvers to keep and carry the essential belongingness during the ride.

Overall and all, there are a few different other types of saddlebags available. Where above-listed picks are best-rated & the most preferred stretched bags for street glide by most of the Harley riders with adequate positive feedback.

Please check the models & measurements to confirm fitment. Safe Travel !! Safe Spell !!

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