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15 Best Rolex Watch Travel Case & Luxury Watch Rolls (Review)

For Rolex watches specifically, a travel case is the need at work or if you know you’re gonna be somewhere that might be banging your wristwatch against something metal or like it’s prone to get scratches in a certain area or when doing a certain type of work. It’s best to take the watch off and put it in the bag in a case.

The global brand that got valued at $ 8.35 billion in 2022 is Rolex and that luxury is in your hand right now. Yes, you heard that right! So having a well secure, safe, and soft interior jewelry case is the need.

Hey guys we’re talking about Rolex storage solutions for travel and specifically watch pouches(rolls) versus watch cases in this blog. so we’re mainly going to focus on the different styles and the pros and cons of each one. I’ll share with you which is the better solution to protect Rolex and many more watches when traveling on the road so let’s get into it.

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In this article,

  • Quick Picks
  • Feature Comparison Of Travel Watch Rolls And Boxes
  • Full Review Of 15 Best Rolex Travel Cases
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Pro Tips
  • Conclusion

Quick Picks For Best Rolex Travel Case

Best Overall

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Moore & Giles

Budget Friendly

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Multi Storage

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Most luxurious; pure leather & scratch protection is flawless

Sturdy & compact made to fit on budget for any kind of luxury watch

Holds upto 3 watches comfortably with strong cushion hold

Features Comparison Of Watch Rolls And Watch Box For Travel

Watch Pouches are very pocket friendly and in terms of sturdiness boxes stand way ahead because of the rigid and semi-rigid exterior construction. Most comes with cushion-hold soft features to prevent from the scratch and damage however, some doesn’t so make sure to look after the features twice before making a purchase.

Just a quick overview that differentiates the watch rolls and boxes from each other.








Scratch protection

Scratch + crush protection


Thin/pocket friendly

Bulkier but compact




Most used


Travel + storage


1 to 5 watches

1, 2, 3,....10+ watches

15 Best Rolex Watch Travel Case & Luxury Watch Rolls

After extensive research, analyzing the consumer’s personal experience and reviews on rolexforums, watchuseek, watchcrunch, and on Amazon. I am pretty sure the below-listed items will stand out strong fit for your best watch travel case for Rolex.

Besides Rolex, this buying guide works also for your other luxury watches like Omega, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and so on.

1. Vinerstar Watch Travel Case

one watch pouch for rolex
Image source: Amazon

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Why We Picked?

First, this is the one watch pouch it’s this sort of soft suede material and it’s really really skinny and what’s nice is you can just slip a watch in there and put it into your pocket.

It’s not the most secure because it just has the little nubbin but it also that makes it really easy to open and close. And it’s just so soft and you just kind of want to rub it on your face. On the inside, you’ll find a little pad made of the same material so you can put that behind your case back to keep it from scratch.

A really casual simple solution for one watch.


  • Simple and compact
  • lightweight to carry
  • Takes little space
  • Tight button security
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Zipper would have been there for more secure

2. Cheopz Travel Watch Case

This is the case for light travel and it is the Cheopz hardshell case. There are multiple reasons to love this watch case because its price point is excellent at under $20. The entire range from small medium to large it’s about 16 bucks and if you just needed something that is resilient and will hold pretty much any one of your watches this is the right route to go.

best single watch travel case
Image source: Amazon

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Why We Picked?

You’ll notice that either end of it has dimples on top or bottom and this allows your watches with bracelets to fit comfortably without the bracelet brushing up against the case back of your watch head. As these dimples won’t allow the bracelet to move past that center point you’ll never have a bracelet slip past that central area and rub up against a case back which is a fear of a lot.

What’s also great about it is the soft interior it does a great job of not only holding your watches but making sure they come out the same way you put them in. It fits pretty much every single watch from 36 millimeters to this fifty-and-a-half-millimeter width all the way up.

I definitely recommend the Cheopz, these run for about 15-99 again over on Amazon I think it is the best option out there for light traveling and for a single watch.


  • Small and portable
  • Simple donut shape with zip closing feature
  • Protective hard shell that does not crush
  • Smooth velvet interior
  • Excellent shock-resistant feature


  • Bigger watches get bulky with foam

3. Oirlv Luxury Leather Watch Storage Box

If you love to prefer a luxury watch travel case that can accommodate your favorite essentials like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and so on. Then the Oirlv Luxury watch travel case would be the best item to go with.

Budget Friendly

mens watch travel case
Image source: Amazon

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It is a lovely watch travel box case with a gentle feel. Moreover, its soft felted interior provides extra protection to your watches whether you store them at home or use it for travel purposes.

  • Waterproof, dustproof, and, scratch-resistant
  • Snap closure
  • Soft felted interior
  • Luxury leather exterior plus velvet pillow

4. Mirage Watch Roll Travel Case

A sweet watch travel case with a beautiful design having a flat base concept for secure placement on any surface.

Its main features are a fine accent stitching finish, soft touch of smooth velvet interior, and a strong structure.

Best Convenient

best single watch travel case
Image source: Amazon

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 At an affordable price, the suitable item for the Rolex travel case is stylishly handcrafted with a swiss design motif with two snaps closure to secure everything for you!

  • One soft pillow that slides in & out for secure placement
  • Convenient to access the time of travel
  • Ensures 100% of damage protection

5. Besforu Watch Roll Travel Case

With a nice build quality, this is a great travel watch case, that keeps the watches from getting scratched, and is compact to put in your travel bag.

Made up of high-quality PU leather, it is very soft and comfortable and protects your watch dial from friction.

The watch case has a groove partition so the watch will not shake after being put in.

Best For Durability

best Watch Roll Travel Case
Image source: Amazon

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It is nicely designed and has a stylish look. 

  • Made to facilitate men’s and women’s department
  • Ensures stability and durability by preventing friction between the watches.
  • Lightweight & easily portable for your travel and business trip

6. Heiden Travel Watch Case

Looking for a travel watch case for an oversize watch?

If yes, No Brainer it’s the end of your search.

This case can take large watches, and also can accommodate metal bracelet watches which may be sized for smaller wrists. Because the pillow is soft and can compress to take a small size bracelet.

Best For Travel with Large Watches

best travel watch box
Image source: Amazon

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Overall and, The Heiden Traveler’s Watch Case is just the right choice with plenty of space for your big watch.

  • Has a compact design that makes it great for travel
  • Can easily hold large watches
  • Pillow can be removed when not necessary

7. WOLF Watch Storage Case

The Wolf watch case is perfect for travelers and also for storing watches at home itself. The handmade black leather design makes it one of the stylish and classic watch rolls.

Best For Multi Storage

best rolex travel case
Image source: Amazon

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Its patented movable watch guard adjusts the watch size and prevents the watches from touching each other. Not only is it used for watches, but it’s also great storage for bracelets as well.

  • Material: leather
  • Case Thickness: 8 inches
  • Handcrafted in a classic smooth leather
  • Watch roll suitable for approximately 3 watches
  • 2 watch guards prevent them from scratching each other

8. SOVEREIGN Watch Roll

Honestly! who doesn’t want to keep their favorite and expensive watches protected and safe?

No worries, concerning that it has soft suede material inside to effectively guard against scratching watches each other.

A perfect pick with a luxurious look suitable for important business and international travel as well, which only takes a few seconds to store or retrieve a watch.

Innovation Best

best watch travel case for rolex
Image source: Amazon

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An excellent jewelry organizer case to store watches either at home or when traveling on the road.

  • Material: Real Leather, Suede
  • 3 Watch Storage and Organizer
  • Secure Storage with Innovative Removable Pillows
  • A flat Base Prevents Rolling

9. Mirage Luxury Travel

A sweet watch travel case with thoughtful design pillows to slide in and out that can hold watches securely.

Crafted Handmade with a dedication to the perfection of this fancy watch roll case your collection deserves definitely the Rolex.

Best Swiss-Inspired Design

best rolex watch carrying case
Image source: Amazon

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One of the best watch travel cases for Rolex and is displayed at such an affordable price!

  • 100% damage protection
  • 3 pillows slide in & out
  • Convenient access

10. Hide & Drink Waxed Canvas Travel Watch Roll

Its Waterproof Waxed Canvas ensures external protection with its waterproof feature and durable canvas.

This watch roll is very lightweight, which makes it a perfect travel essential for your favorite watches like Rolex.

Best For Vintage Style

best rolex watch carrying case
Image source: Amazon

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A perfect vintage-style travel case companion for the protection of your expensive watches on short or long journeys.

  • Made with waterproof waxed canvas
  • Space for 4 watches of any size
  • Suitable for both women and men

11. COLTON SCOTT Leather Travel Watch Roll

COLTON SCOTT CREATIONS is a handmade artwork in the USA that ensures the durability of the product.

It uses Italian leather for products to give the best protection and respect for your favorite expensive watches.

The watch roll is convenient for travel use due to its lightweight, which scales only 9 oz.

Best For Leather Lover

travel watch carrying rolls
Image source: Amazon

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Experience a unique satisfaction using this one of the best watch travel cases for Rolex.

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • The material used in Italian leather is soft and durable
  • Space for 4 watches with a top leather cover that prevents scratches
  • A perfect gift idea for the watch lover

12. KENARK Luxury Watch Box

A perfect anti-scratching watch travel box made of Faux Leather especially designed with Stylish Velvet Color that ensures reliable portability service.

It is lightweight at ‎13.2 ounces with a modest design having dimensions of ‎6.89 x 3.74 x 2.95 inches.

Best For Portability

best watch travel case
Image source: Amazon

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The best luxury watch travel case for couples with 2 secure compartments. It can be used as a travel case or also as a box to store watches at home.

  • Metal free design that doesn’t risk magnetizing or scratching
  • Hidden chip design
  • Can store large watches
  • Uses soft suede flannel that prevents the collision of watches

13. Moore and Giles Leather Accessories Case

This soft watch travel case has antique brass hardware made of leather with an inner shearling lining that safeguards your watches with soft cushioning.

For the positioning, it has a zip around the leather closure that keeps the accessories in an ideal place.

Besides storing a watch, it can also do double duty for safekeeping other smaller items like rings and earrings in the interior pocket.

Best Overall

best watch travel case
Image source: Amazon

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A must-need travel accessory for those who prefer to travel with jewels and other light essentials.

Note: The small inner pocket has a magnetic feature however the automatic watches cannot be kept for storage. For small everyday essentials or any other luxury, the best storage ever than any other.

  • Enough space for one big wristwatch
  • Include an interior snap pocket for other small items
  • Provides a better Soft shearling interior

14. SWISS REIMAGINED Travel Watch Roll

The Swiss Reimagined is a watch carrying a rolling case made of leather that can accommodate all sizes of watches with either a Metal Bracelet, Leather, or Silicone Strap. For any defects, there are 12 months repairing and replacement policies for the product.

Best Single Watch Travel Case

best single watch travel case

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It is one of the best single-watch travel cases because of its excellent protection of hardshell and buckle closure made of quality leather.

  • Ensures 12 months of warranty
  • 10 variants of different colors are available
  • Comfortably accommodates even the biggest watch
  • It has solid buckle closure to keep your watch safe

15. Hiram Portable Travel Watch Pouch

High-quality material made of Crazy Horse Leather with a retro fashionable design, this travel watch case is light and portable convenient.

It is used for the storage of watches and other jewels essential for travel ease and also can be used at home for everyday storage in the drawer too.

Best Cheap

travel watch carrying case

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Such a best quality travel watch pouch at a cheap and affordable price with several safety benefits.

  • Material: Leather
  • Fashionable and durable
  • A leather watch bag can hold 2 watches at a time
  • Includes also the storage for jewelry essentials
  • option out there for light traveling and for single watch.


  • Small and portable
  • Simple donut shape with zip closing feature
  • Protective hardshell that does not crush
  • Smooth velvet interior
  • Excellent shock resistant feature


  • Bigger watches gets bulky with foam


Is expensive watch boxes worth buying?

Hell yeah! It’s a Big YES. The premium cases are most highly prized but are specifically designed with security in mind to avoid even the minimal scratches. If adding an extra penny for watch boxes provides a scratch-free solution for safe storage, by all means, this could be the great watch solution to always look new and ready to wear.

Which case is easy to take along?

If you’re worried about the size I recommend a lightweight pouch is a nicer choice because it can squeeze into a backpack and it’s just so slim in comparison to watch boxes that take the size of a thick book and are impossibly hard to fold and fit in small space.

Can I add accessories to my watch case?

It depends, watch rolls are better for just simple storage, but if you want to travel with a couple and a few accessories, they have additional slots. However, if you want hard protection you can have any watch boxes that hold 2 or more (a)there you can keep things plus (b)you don’t really have to worry about watches when they’re in there.

Pro Tip

  • Some canvas pouch doesn’t come with a flap what’s key here is the leather flap that keeps your watch from slipping out from the top of the pouch.
  • To store two or more watches, find a box that has enough gap between the compartments not to let the crown touch and scribe each other that gets damaged over time from the storage itself.


Safeguarding your expensive watches is like saving a lot of money in practice.

Whenever you travel with your watches, you can minimize the risk of damage and getting scratches on your watch, I highly recommend you go with one of these watch travel cases and rolls. They will accommodate providing scratch-free protection on the go.

Besides travel, these travel watch cases also work excellently to store watches and other essentials at home as well.

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