Crazy And Reckless Things To Do As A Teenager

For any of the activities I stated, I don’t even encourage or discourage them. Any of the things you do would have its own consequences when it’s done, be responsible for it.

A teenager is a period when there’s plenty of energy and enthusiasm to try new and crazy things.

With the increase in age and time. This stage faces lots of things going around. But for some without being aware, the teenage ends.

Crazy things to do as a teenager idea would be worth it for any teenager to begin their life full of fun and memories.

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Who doesn’t want funny bucket list ideas collection? No one would wish to regret thinking their teen stage left wasted. There are so many things that are worth considering in anyone’s teen bucket list ideas.

We have collected the best possible fun and crazy things to do, I hope you will figure out what suits the best for you.

A bunch of funny bucket list ideas for teenagers are listed below.

Crazy Bucket List Ideas For Teens

Besides traveling, there are many other crazy bucket list ideas. That adds value to your feeling of what you want to see and feel.

You might have gone through many other places to get ideas for a crazy teenage bucket list.

Believe me, it would be worth visiting again. You will get some more extra ideas for your funny bucket list ideas collection.

These are crazy bucket list ideas for teens.

Crazy Things To Do As A Teenager

  1. Get piercings behind your parents’ backs.

  2. Throw a party when your parents are not at home.

  3. Kiss someone in a public place.

  4. Bury each other neck down at the beach.

  5. Dance at the table of the college canteen.

  6. Just scream for NO reason.

  7. Instead of walking or running, skip.

  8. Go in an elevator but don’t turn to face the door.

  9. Ask someone for directions then run another way.

  10. Learn to hold your breath for 5 minutes.

  11. Go skinny dipping

  12. Paint your legs.

  13. Listening to music while the class is running.

  14. Swim with great white sharks.

  15. See if you can fit in your fridge.

Reckless Things To Do As A Teenager

  1. Pee in a water balloon and throw it at someone (more gross than wild).

  2. Steal your parents’ alcohol or cigarettes.

  3.  Shave someone’s eyebrows and runaway…

  4. Call the police for your own arrest.

  5. Secretly buy yourself a pet without parents’ permission.

  6. Wink at every stranger who looks at you.

  7. Eat Frog Legs.

  8. Compliment anyone you see.

  9. Use a broom and then jump out a window.

  10. Walk along the train tracks.

  11. Stealing question papers.

  12. Spray a full can of deodorant in your room and go to sleep.

  13. Go without sleep for 48 hours.

  14. Sex too young.

  15. Swipe right to everyone on Tinder and meet up with whoever you match with first.

  16. Climb a Water Tower.

  17. Type your full name with your nose.

  18. Cuddle by the Fire.

  19. Wrap the face in tape and take selfie.

  20. Balance the light switch between on and off.

Adventurous Things To Do As A Teenager

fun bucket list ideas for teenagers
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  1. Go hiking at night with wholesome friends.

  2. Try to catch a leaf when it’s falling.

  3. Climb a Waterfall.

  4. Pranking, hmmm… sounds interesting!!!

  5. Watch a horror movie with friends.

  6. Double date with alter egos.

  7. Hang out with richer, smarter, more educated, better-traveled people.

  8. Go bungee jumping.

  9. Explore an ice cave with friends.

  10. Jump from an Airplane.

  11. Talk to your crush.

  12. Go on a walking safari.

  13. Spend the night in a haunted house.

  14. Watch a sunset from a high point.

  15. Have a food fight.

Unique Bucket List Ideas For Teens

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  1. Make passive income every day.

  2. Start a Savings Account.

  3. Reach out to your childhood best friend.

  4. Go to the Movies Alone.

  5. Make a glow stick Tik-Tok video.

  6. Join a gym and get fit.

  7. Survive alone in the wild for a week (or more).

  8. Join a flashmob.

  9. Do a photoshoot in your hometown.

  10. Create a YouTube Video.

  11. Dye your hair a random color.

  12. Do a unique marathon run with friends.

  13. Learn to meditate.

  14. Start a blog.

  15. Send a message in a bottle to your childhood crush.

  16. Learn a Foreign Language.

  17. Write a Song.

  18. Go on a digital detox for 24 hours.

  19. Write a letter to your grandparents.

  20. Watch out for an entire Netflix series within a single night.

Things To Do Idea Picture For A Teenager

It might be bothersome to keep all these 60 lists of crazy things to do as a teenager, copying and pasting. Why delay when you can easily get rid of the useless troubles by simply saving or pinning? Share it with your friends! definitely, they would also for sure love to join you to make awesome teen memories.

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Time To Make Memories

I hope this blog post had helped you to conclude your ideas for crazy and reckless things to do as a teenager.

Definitely, no teenager wants to stay flat with their teenage life.

These 60 crazy things to do as a teenager idea, they are likely to make teenage total fun and life-changing.

If there are some more teenage fun ideas that you wish to add to the list. Please feel free to drop in the comment section below. That would be highly appreciated!!!

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