Teenagers bucket list before 20

101 Bucket list ideas and Crazy things to do before you die as a teenager

You Being as a smart teenager; whether bungee jumping, terror, or staying out late at night, etc. adolescent brains look after to seek new experiences and excitement. Before it’s too late or if you have a limited time, put all your effort into crazy things to do before you die as a teenager.

You see your life that’s something about, to begin with, full hope and optimism. To complete your teenage bucket list, blatantly feel fortunate to embrace extreme and crazy things to do as a teenager without reservation of any big responsibility.

Good Things To Put On A Teenage Bucket List

Super fun things for teenagers may also sometimes lead to social exploitation, sexual harassment or bullying, cruelty to animals, etc. 

Eliminating these all, you may find trouble looking out your predetermined teenage bucket list ideas.

According to those, you might ask; What are the possible good crazy bucket list ideas for a teenage person? What should I include in my Teenage bucket list?

Clearly and honestly, your bucket list must comprise anything you want to achieve, see, feel, do and experience passionately. Indeed, it must resonate with your critique and your wish list before you die.

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We believe you already had listed out your ” Cool bucket list ideas for teens ” but, take this opportunity and review it. You will come to know some more good things to put on a teenage bucket list additionally, in seconds straightway down below. 

Smart Tips For Teenage Travelers

Things To Do Before You Die As A Teenager

Travel will change your life. When planning a teenage bucket list before 20 years, there’s the possibility to see the change in the way you see yourself and also how you see the world. 

My biggest advice for a smart teenage traveler is to not listen to the excuses that you tell yourself. And Start completing a teenage summer bucket list, figuring out the real you.

Do you know what people will tell you? It’s too expensive, it’s too dangerous, and you don’t know anyone there.

  • Do you know what else is expensive? Going out to the same bars every weekend.
  • Do you know what else is dangerous? Living a life of quite a desperation.
  • You don’t know anyone there? Just go, you’ll make new friends along the way.

101 Crazy Bucket List Ideas For Teenagers

Start kicking off and get ready to add some more cool and crazy things to do as a teenager, instead of running out of time. You might even check a few things off twice, purposely picking those ideas which resonate with your intent.

  1. Get tattooed behind your parents’ backs.
  2. Go bungee jumping.
  3. Fall in love.
  4. Learn to drive.
  5. Visit a new mall you’ve never been to.
  6. Listening to music while the class is running.
  7. Get A grades in college semesters.
  8. Go out or ride with someone you’ve never met.
  9. Throw a secret party in an abandoned building or woods.
  10. Get a new haircut.
  11. Sing karaoke on an unheard song.
  12. Stealing question papers.
  13. Spend the night at a haunted/old abandoned house.
  14. Open a bank account and start saving.
  15. Spray paint (if you spray it with a lighter up to it, it creates a flamethrower).
  16. Go skinny dipping.
  17. Learn singing.
  18. Join the chatroom and flirt.
  19. Shoot a gun.
  20. Go on a blind date.
  21. Drunk driving.
  22. Diving holy moly on free sale.
  23. Losing virginity.
  24. Do a backflip.
  25. Go see a concert by your favorite pop star.
  26. Complete writing a college journal within a day,
  27. Produce a music video.
  28. Write a fake name and your number in gas station bathrooms and see who calls.
  29. Win playing video games with huge scores.
  30. Volunteer at an orphanage.
  31. Go Goa with friends.
  32. Watch the sunrise and sunset.
  33. Go canoeing.
  34. Enjoying a cigarette puff.
  35. Partying the whole night with friends.
  36. Go Phone-Free for 24 Hours.
  37. Take a road trip. (Best road trips in the US)
  38. Walk barefoot on the beach in rain.
  39. Dye your hair (strange color).
  40. Dine and dash.
  41. Have sex before the legal age.
  42. Be a pro skater.
  43. Get a job.
  44. Go for early morning hikes.
  45. Send a message in a bottle.
  46. Learn to dance.
  47. Do adventurous things like hiking, river rafting, and paragliding.
  48. Prank call to your friends.
  49. Kiss someone in a public place.
  50. Buy alcohol with a fake ID.
  51. Sleep under the stars outside the home.
  52. Meditate at the mountain top.
  53. Study in foreign universities.
  54. Say “Yes” to Something That Scares You.
  55. Go anonymously at college gatherings.
  56. Secretly buy yourself a pet rabbit, without parents’ approval.
  57. Go to the zoo.
  58. Bunking a class.
  59. Hide in school after it shuts and leave wholesome notes (or memes).
  60. Go to a summer movie alone and eat tons of popcorn.
  61. Jump from the cliff into the water.
  62. Play truth and dare.
  63. Drive down a highway and throw drinks at cars behind you.
  64. write a love letter to your crush.
  65. Jump over the fire.
  66. Trip with your best friend.
  67. Build a sandcastle.
  68. Do photoshoots with friends.
  69. Read your favorite book again and again.
  70. Buy the kind of clothes you had never worn before.
  71. Go fishing.
  72. Sing loudly with your friends.
  73. Try a food you had never eaten before.
  74. Shower in the rain.
  75. Cooking dinner for parents.
  76. Bake your favorite cake at home.
  77. Stand under the waterfall.
  78. Have an epic water balloon fight with friends.
  79. Kiss your crush.
  80. Solve puzzles (cube adversities).
  81. Walk over railway tracks.
  82. Watch all Harry Potter movie series,
  83. Chalk up the streets.
  84. Go to the pool or beach with your closest friends.
  85. Play with sparklers.
  86. Catch fireflies.
  87. Sneak into a movie theatre.
  88. Learn a new hobby together.
  89. Play tag.
  90. Riding with all the windows down in the car.
  91. Build a fort.
  92. Buy liquid ass and spray it around your school/work.
  93. Try drinking alcohol.
  94. Go on night outs.
  95. find your first love.
  96. Steal (from stores and other places).
  97. Cheat on tests and exams.
  98. Maintaining a relationship
  99. Moving into a new city.
  100. Write a love letter and stick it on a random car windshield.
  101. Participate in a mud run.

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Bonus 11 Life-Changing Bucket List Ideas For Teens

Do not only get focused on enjoying fun things that go fade on later but also learn to invest your precious time resulting in exceptional life-changing resolutions.

You will definitely feel grateful to yourself for undergoing these life-changing bucket list ideas.

Good Things To Put On A Teenage Bucket List
  1. Apply to your dream college
  2. Get to know your sexuality
  3. Find the beauty in everything
  4. Get a bad grade on a test for a REALLY good reason
  5. Buy Your First Car
  6. Get in your desired physical shape
  7. Practice Self Care
  8. Go on a hike
  9. Become Confident
  10. Find a Hobby
  11. Fall in love with yourself


Is teenage the best time of life?

The answer is yes. Because it is the only time of our life when we find a happy medium between childhood and adulthood. Other times, we can somewhat enter adult life without having to take on all of the responsibilities that come with it. Every person must have their own set of a teenage bucket lists, to make their life fully qualitative rather than quantitative.

Is being a teenager the hardest part of life?

Most teenagers face the hardest time during schooling when bullying is exercised. Peer pressure forces teenagers to conform to standards and hobbies which makes teenage life the hardest.

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What should a bored teenager do?

Must try something new rather than usual activities. Engaging socially with friends and families, helping out them, and involving altogether to work on some project will definitely help you to pull back on your track.

Is it safe to travel alone as a teenager?

The good news is that traveling abroad alone as a teen is definitely possible. There are just some extra logistics you’ll need to keep in mind and plan for.

What are the fun & crazy things to do as a teenager?

It depends from person to person. We provided you with a basketful of teenage bucket lists, figure out what works for you resonating with your own taste and your wish list.

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