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11 Beginners Solo Camping Checklist And Safety Guides

Facing difficulties to figure out your essential solo camping checklist and gears? No worries, Let’s find out the best camping alone checklist, gear, supplies, and a few additional basic safety guides to camp uniquely.

Camping alone tends to be one of the crazy bucket lists of every solo traveler (especially teenagers). Sleeping outside can be considered easy for all experienced camping lovers, but it can be scary for the newbie.

Camping alone is a great way to clear your mind and enter yourself into the world of adventures.

Therefore, trust your gut, it’s the best safety alert you have going especially to solo camping for beginners.

Quick Solo Camping Tips

Having absolutely no idea of how, where, or at what standard to go solo camping for beginners? Going directly into the wilderness for newbies, camping can be extremely difficult.

Just make sure that someone at home has an idea of what your alone trip itinerary is, just in case of unexpectedness.

There are too many possibilities to give you simple and basic ideas for camping, no-brainer! referring down-listed solo camping essentials list will definitely proceed you to enjoy the best solo vacations.

Camping Alone Checklist For Beginners

Choose Reliable Tent

beginners solo camping checklist and safety guides

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The most essential solo camping equipment is setting up the best solo tent which can be done in just a few minutes with minimum ease.

A good rule of thumb is to aim for the best tent for solo camping that sleeps 1 or 2 people more than you need for future reference.

It offers larger windows to enjoy the outdoors, allowing you plenty of room to move around.

Pack a hiking hammock if you do want to chill and relax as an alternative.

And in the end, a great price is a very big advantage.

Hiking Backpacks

Solo Camping Checklist For Beginners

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Each and every piece of solo camping trip essentials you collect needs to be stored in a safe and easily accessible camping backpack (slot).

As a solo traveler, you alone have all your responsibility to make your trip put in your favor.

Just have a thought, a hiking backpack not only serves you with its numerous exterior pockets, at the same strategically it helps you to be hands-free and continue doing what you want to do, even when you are wandering into the woods or multitasking.

Portable Camping Gas Stove

Portable Camping Gas Stove

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A portable stove keeps you ready for any camping adventure, furthermore quickly sets up on any outdoor tabletop with less effort.

Survival campfire starters as an alternative must be taken along to overcome the panic situation especially if you are a beginner solo camper.

From a forest wanderer’s perspective, a backpacking stove is an excellent way to prevent fire impacts in the local wilderness where you are exploring.  Prefer using a portable gas stove over a forest fire for an easier and pre-planned trek.

Sleeping Bags

Bessport 1-2 Person Sleeping Bag

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Applying a little effort to your solo camping gear list, you can enjoy a lot more of your daytime activities and come back home well-rested from solo camping places.

Lightweight and easy to pack up, this camping sleeping bag is a great value for warm-weather camping.

Plan to accommodate yourself for a good sleeping place to nap, fill the loose ends which could ruin your night out camping.

It’s comfortable and perfect for summer – it will keep you warm enough if the temps dip a bit at night, but won’t leave you sweaty. It folds up compactly too, which is a bonus.

Drinking water carrier

camping small water carrier

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It’s light and takes up minimal space until needed and then changes to up to a 5-gallon container.

Most required solo camping essentials piece which is cheaper & lighter than ordinary glass or hard plastic containers.

You can also use it to store & dispense your other favorite beverages according to your camping food supplies.

Prefer using lifestraw in panic mode. It also removes waterborne bacteria and waterborne parasites from water. You must be able to create an option with every possible resource camping alone.

Foods and supplies

camping food essentials

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Taking foods that don’t require refrigeration will not create worries for your solo camping trip.

Plenty of foods are available that do not get spoiled, adding those to your trip you can enjoy your trip well-planned.

Dry foods, boiled eggs, fruits, etc are a few solo camping essentials that need to be included in your camping food lists.

First aid emergency kit

Emergency kit list

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The essential first aid kit supplies are ideal to treat your pain and swelling, as well as cuts, scrapes, and burns if needed.

Your solo camping checklist must include a safety tool i.e a first aid kit. Without such a kit, you might be helpless in an injury, especially when you are camping alone.

This first aid pouch is easy to carry and compact, with compartments to store everything.

Ideal for home too, traveling and camping are on the go-to list.

Comfortable footwear

camping shoe list

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Comfort shoes provide you with unsurpassed levels of comfort and excellent arch, heel, and ankle support on long-day activities.

Plus, it could also be an excellent choice for your casual footwear if you care about comfort and your foot health.

Even though you don’t necessarily need hiking shoes, you do need a shoe that will protect your feet and support your body during the trip.

Toiletry Kit

Camping toiletry kit

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If you’re planning a multi-day solo camping trip it’s vital not to overestimate the quantity of toiletry items you’ll need as the additional weight can quickly wear you down.

Strip down your daily wash routine and only pack the bare essentials solo camping equipment. 

Hand sanitizers, Toothbrushes, Toilet paper, etc are few basic essentials you must include in your solo camping checklist.


Camping Headlamps
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Using a headlamp frees up your both hands – for doing things, or for falling – both of which will help you immensely.

As a solo camper, your head doesn’t get tired of having a headlamp on it.

Very comfortable, and the multiple brightness settings and the tilt option were perfect for climbing around in complete darkness which eventually gives a big aid for the night camping.

Maps and Compass

Camping gear for beginners
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You can easily navigate where you are if you are in a new place.

You can go anywhere you want to go on the map if you have the compass as your guide.

If somehow you become lost, it’s easy to tell your direction in the early morning or evening, sit out the panic and use your head. Think your way through the problem.

Bonus Camping Alone Checklist

Enjoying quality time with you-yourself and nature, and creative supplies in solo camping add up productive effort for you to grow and develop.

The below-listed solo camping gear list is the cherry on top for your camping trip.

Things To Plan Before Camping

  1. Figuring out the sweetest spot where you fit into the camp.
  2. Find out the best route.
  3. Collect all your essentials and supplies.
  4. Share your trip itinerary with your parents or friends.
  5. Check the weather conditions.


What to do while camping by yourself?

Enjoying outdoors, doing whatever spontaneously you like, and cooking what you like, etc are few basic ways to keep yourself entertained when camping alone.

Is it safe for women to camp alone?

Of course, yes. You can never be too cautious, but you can still enjoy time alone whether it is camping or traveling.

Where can I go for solo camping?

Numerous places are available to camp alone. Check out the places here to put it into your upcoming plan.

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