what if you dont speak the local language

What If You Do Not Speak The Local Language While Traveling

If you’re getting ready for a trip abroad and you want to connect with the locals, learning a bit of the language can be a great way to show your respect and sociability. Everyone gets stuck thinking “How to travel to a place when you don’t know the language?” or “what if you do not speak the local language while traveling?”

From exploring varied peoples to traveling to foreign places, passionate traveler tends to have the burning desire to seek and feel that touch of adversity.

How to travel to a place when you don’t know the language

To be frank and open, a few of you chaps might already have the plan to travel to a new place and even have thought to adopt there moreover. Without even knowing the language to speak? Isn’t it weird? Is anything holding you back? Travel tips for language?

Not being able to communicate even a basic local language can easily create a misconception with the local resident and ruin your work.

The matter of concern is the communication problem

We got regularly notified by people who are stressed over going to other nations where they don’t communicate in the language.

Not having the choice to speak? Can not only be confusing, yet here and there it can even be a bit frightening. You just need to remember the tips for Traveling without Knowing the Language, I am pretty sure it will help you all around the globe.

what if you dont speak the local language

How to overcome language barriers in traveling? Fears that keep you down are restricting you from certainty more than they are ensuring you in reality. To learn the travel tips for language, take your time for the pre-trip activity, and don’t let fear of not communicating in the language hold you back to make a travel trip.

What if you do not speak the local language?

Traveling really becomes tough when first-time travelers go to countries where they can’t speak the global language. In the end, ultimately language is your lifeline for safety, food, and shelter.

There’s no point,  the thought of discomfort should stop you from exploring the places on your bucket list.

learn and import the downlisted travel tips for language, with the help you can serve yourself anywhere around the world.

1. learn the simple key phrases

learning key phrases to interact with strangers is very simple and easy.  Furthermore, it builds the confidence to communicate with the locals. You can simply google the basic phrases relevant to your language necessities.

These are the basic and the most important tips for Traveling without Knowing your Language of you. I am pretty sure you will feel that accomplishment in your interacting skill which you are searching for.

  • Hello
  • Excuse Me
  • Please
  • I need help
  • Do you speak English?
  • Where is…?
  • I am going to…
  • I don’t understand
  • Taxi
  • Help
  • I’m sorry
  • Thank You
  • You’re Welcome
  • Yes
  • No

2. Be gracious and smile

Not only can smiling lower your stress levels and have a positive effect on overall health, but it’s also a powerful tool that you can use to connect with others.

Tips for Traveling without Knowing the Language

Studies show the act of smiling changes the way we perceive the world. Which is very helpful when you’re on your travels.

When you smile, you become the influencer which helps you to cope and resonate with strangers very easily.

3. Use hand gestures in a powerful way

 You can simply ask for help and can interact without the use of any particular language.

How to travel to a place when you don’t know the language

The beauty of hand gestures is that you can say so much with one move: unlike a spoken language that requires multiple combinations of vocab, grammar, and tone, you don’t have to be an expert to communicate with your hands.

Using a few simple hand gestures in a powerful way can ease your travel trip with no serious effort.

4. Always carry a diary and a pen

what if you dont speak the local language

A notebook may seem like a simple thing, but it can unlock a world of possibilities for you. They aren’t just for journaling, though they’re great for that, too. When hand gestures and your body language don’t work, you can convey local people by illustrating with the help of sketches, doodles, and diagrams.

5. Download the language translation app

There are many more but choose Google Translate, it allows you to translate 108 languages by typing in a word or a phrase and offers access to 59 languages offline. This is really cool, right?

Within a second, sort out things real quick.  you can point your camera and the app automatically translates it instantly.

Seems like, these tips for Traveling without Knowing the Language could make anyone super cool and independent right?

6. Use offline google maps

What about finding your way around? Downloading and using Google Maps offline is an absolute game-changer. 

It doesn’t use your data. It allows you to save locations and sights for your itinerary. You can still search for streets, landmarks, and addresses. It still gives some walking and hiking routes. It syncs information you add ‘online’ to the same map. It can be accessed normally.

7. Shout aloud in English middle of nowhere to draw attention to the informative chap

travel tips for language

Isn’t it weird? Shouting aloud in the middle of nowhere could not be the wise option but yes, you will be able to draw someone interested to help out. 

8. Have a plan for you to pick you up from the airport

Consider having a car from your hotel meet you at the airport, if possible. Don’t delay to go someplace just because of the language barrier indeed in spite of the fact that it might appear impossible to travel to a country with a different language and some of the time a totally different alphabet;

it may be troublesome at times, but it’ll be more than worth the additional effort.

9. Pre-plan hiring the guide speaking a similar language

This is also a good way to feel like you have a safety net, and maybe next time you go on a trip, you’ll feel better able to tackle the language barrier. 

10. Ask the right young adult for the direction

Tips for Traveling without Knowing the Language

When you’re in a country you don’t know, you can easily get lost at some point during the trip, even if you have a map.

You have to be careful with who you ask. Just look at the way they talk, walk and dress. Prefer, asking for directions from people who are working in a restaurant, a newsstand, a hotel, or a small shop, I think is more likely they speak English and give you the right information. 

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