Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

Lumbini, The origin of Buddha is in southern Nepal. Mayadevi gave birth to Gautama Buddha in 623 BC who accomplished enlightenment and became Lord Buddha.

The spot is one of the numerous magnets for the journey that jumped up in spots crucial to the life of the Buddha.

Lumbini is around 260 kilometers from Kathmandu and 169 kilometers from Pokhara, 1-hour drive to Nepal India border Sunauli and 4 hours heading to Gorakhpur railroad station. Just a single airport at Bhairahawa is 25 kilometers a long away from Lumbini.

History Of Lumbini

Lumbini’s worldwide importance comes from the way that Siddharta Gautama — later to be known as the Buddha, or “Stirred One” — was brought into the world here 2,500 years prior. A humble plaque and stone denote the specific spot where Queen Maya Devi got a handle on onto a bodhi tree limb and brought forth this sovereign, on the way to her home in Kapilavastu. 

The site was lost to the world for longer than a thousand years, as Hinduism and Islam superseded Buddhism as the subcontinent’s significant beliefs. It was uniquely in the nineteenth century that a nearby Nepali lead representative (joined by Raj-period British archeologists) rediscovered the site, to a great extent by contrasting the composed portrayals of archaic Chinese travelers with engravings found on 2,000-year-old sandstone columns.

Decked in marigolds and contributions, Ashoka’s column actually remains before the Maya Devi Temple, denoting the elevated tide of Buddhism when it administered as the predominant confidence from Peshawar to Patna.

Significance Of Lumbini

Lumbini is a significant journey objective among Buddhists. It is, where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Price Siddharth, who at that point became Lord Buddha and established Buddhism. Aside from this, 

  1. It is one of the four primary journey locales of Buddhism on the planet.
  2. It is a UNESCO world legacy site
  3. It is likewise considered a significant Hindu journey site as Buddha is considered one of the manifestations of Lord Vishnu.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Lumbini Nepal

1)The Mayadevi Temple

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

Maya Devi Temple is perceived all through the world as to where Queen Maya Devi brought forth Gautama Buddha-the organizer of Buddhism. Consequently, Maya Devi Temple stands apart as the otherworldly heart of Lumbini close to a terrifying lake called Pushkarni. Going through your day investigating the antiquated temples of sanctuaries and castles around the sacred Maya Devi Temple is rated by numerous guests as the most well-known activity in Lumbini Nepal.

2)Lumbini Museum

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

This museum hall holds numerous memorable and social artifacts, which clarify the life and excursion of Lord Buddha. Ancient rarities of different pieces of the world relating to Lord Buddha can be found in this historical center.

This historical center is situated toward the northern closures of Lumbini.

3)The Buddhist monastery

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

Monastic Zone identified with Theravada and Mahayana monasteries with fantastic design found north of the Lumbini Garden.

Theravada Monasteries involved 13 plots of land in East Monastic Zone, including Thailand, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Mahayana Monasteries (Vajrayana and Lamaism Buddhist factions) involved 29 plots of land in the West Monastic Zone, including Nepal, Korea, China, Vietnam, France, Austria, Japan, India, Germany, Mongolia, Malaysia, and Bhutan.

4)Bodhi Tree

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

The Bodhi Trees also regarded as the Bodhi Fig Tree or the Tree of Awakening is yet another pure spot you must visit in Lumbini. The Tree in Lumbini is on the premises of the Maya Devi Temple complex, next to the memorial on the banks of the serene Maya Devi Temple.

Holy men meditate in front of this religious monument, which is also considered a tree shrine in Lumbini.

5)Ashoka Pillar

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

Ashoka Pillar is a large stone pillar with inscriptions. Emperor Ashoka of India built it in 3rd century. On the surface of the pillar, the wording says that the local king had announced Lumbini to be free of tax as it was the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

There are more than 19 pillars found in this region and the Ashoka pillar is the oldest of all.

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

6)World Peace Pagoda

World Peace Pagoda is situated inside the 3-kilometer monastic territory of the Lumbini garden. It is made by Japanese Buddhists for advancing peacefulness on the planet. It resembles the noteworthy white pagoda. A stroll around the stupa gives an all-encompassing perspective on Lumbini.

A few brilliant Buddha sculptures have been put as a place of his life from birth till the end.

7)Myanmar Golden Temple

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

The Myanmar Golden Temple is one of the oldest structures in the compound. There are three prayer halls – the most impressive is topped by a corncob-shaped shikhara (tower), styled after the temples of Bagan.

Also within the temple grounds is the Lokamani Pula Pagoda, a huge gilded stupa in the southern Burmese style, inspired by the Shwedagon Paya in Yangon.

8)The Deathless Peace Flame

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

TheEternal Peace Flame in Lumbini is something that will truly fulfill your travel experience to Lumbini. Located at the southern end of the Lumbini garden adjacent to the canal – the Eternal Flame was created in 1986 and has been burning ever since.

The Eternal Peace Flame in Lumbini denotes an undying effort to create peace and harmony in the world.

9)The China Temple

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

It is a complex of pagodas, prayer rooms, and meditation cells. The other temples and monasteries include the Korean temple, and others built by Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, Germany, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

10)The Central Canal

Lumbini | Birth Place Of Gautam Buddha | Best Historical Place To Visit In Nepal

The Central Canal runs down the center of the Lumbini site and associates the town zone to the Sacred Garden. Along its length, a few little blocks bridge across the water.

One of the approaches to overcome this focal area is to get a boat along the waterway. You’ll discover drivers holding up at one or the flip side.

Frequently asked questions :

Q.1)How to Get to Lumbini?

Explorers can get to Lumbini from Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan in Nepal or leave from India. In the event that you head out from Kathmandu to Lumbini, you can take a long transport ride or fly to a close-by spot and afterward move to Lumbini. Considering the time required and comfort and accommodation, taking a flight is more suggested.

Q.2)What is the Best Time to Visit Lumbini?

October to December and from April to May.

Q.3)Where to stay in Lumbini?

You can see numerous visitor houses in Lumbini. These are essential housing offices with in-room washrooms, running water, wi-fi offices, and others. On the off chance that you are searching for very good quality lodgings, you can locate many hotels, a couple of resorts and brand inns in the district. The greater part of the vacationers leans toward remaining in Kathmandu and visiting Lumbini for a day or two and returning to Kathmandu.

Q.4)Nearby Visiting places of Lord Buddha?

Kudan, Gotihawa, Tilaurakot, Niglihawa, Sagarhawa, Devadaha, and The Ramgram Kingdom have closely located Buddhism places to visit.

Q.5)What is the location of Lumbini?

Lumbini has situated in Nepal about 22 km from Bhairahawa of Nepal in the foothills of the Himalayas. 122 km from Gorakhpur city in Uttar Pradesh. 181 Km from Kushinagar of Uttar Pradesh and 240 km from Sravasti of Uttar Pradesh of North India.

Q.6)From where to book a trip to Lumbini

Many online websites facilitate you relating as per the accommodation and budget you imply. Get one here.

Here a few Fun Facts :

  • The only things to see here are temples.
  • Start your visit ahead of schedule to beat the warmth!
  • You need to remove your shoes… A LOT.
  • The temples are not open all day.
  • The only temple that costs money is the birthplace of Buddha.
  • Dress conservatively.
  • Consider cycling around.
  • Go to the peace pagoda for sunset.
  • Ask if the price is in Nepalese rupees or Indian rupees.

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