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7 Theme Parks in Indonesia for Your Fun Weekend Getaway

Indonesia is a large country that covers multiple time zones. Its diverse culture is as attractive as it is unique. The famous Komodo dragons can only be found here on the Komodo islands which makes the place one of a kind. With diverse culture comes diverse cuisine and Indonesia is a foodie’s heaven. The local cuisine has so many different flavors that you can never get enough of it. Whether you are traveling on a budget or you are one of those who like all things luxurious, you have nothing to worry about because Indonesia offers it all. 

With multiple attractions and tourist sites, Indonesia is still off track for many, other than Bali which is a famous tourist location. From beaches to forests to active volcanoes, Indonesia just keeps on giving. The ritual is also amazing and the place celebrates so many different festivals that you will have a beautiful time exploring this country.

But that is not all that Indonesia offers. Yes, nature thrives in this place and you can never get enough of it. But it also has fun places for you to visit with your friends or family on your fun weekend getaway. The theme parks in Indonesia are something else. 

7 Theme Parks in Indonesia for Your Fun Weekend Getaway!

They are unique in their own way and offer so much fun that you may never want to leave. It can be a hard choice to know where to start when you have so many places to go. So, we have curated a list for you, of seven amazing theme parks to get you started.

Saloka Theme Park

About an hour away from Semarang, Saloka Theme Park is full of happiness and adventures and a fun place for you to take your whole family to. The rides are in perfect condition and the place is big and spacious. Not only is it a fun place for adults but kids can also have a lot of fun with the rides and the place overall. 

It is a place that takes you beyond your imagination and offers something special along the way. The best part is that you only have to pay the fare one time. Once you are inside, there are no additional charges, so you can have a lot of fun without checking your pocket multiple times.

Jatim Park, Batu

The popular Jawa Timun Parks is known as Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2 with the latest Jatim Park 3 following in the same footsteps. These parks have multitudes of fun and are perfect for your weekend getaway. 

The themed parks are an attraction for people of all ages. Jatim Park 3 comprises 4 themed zones, known as Dino Park, The Legends Star Park, The World Music Museum, and The Fun Tech Plaza. 

This is surely an attraction for all ages. But this is not it, it also has a huge shopping mall in the middle of everything, so you know, there is something for everyone here.

Trans Studio

Trans Studio is more than just an amusement park. It is also a shopping mall and a hotel. You know your experience is gonna be fabulous when you wake up in your hotel room and you are already at the theme park. Amazing how fantastic that is. 

Weekends always pass by like a dream, they are never long enough, so isn’t it great that you get to cut the travel time and actually enjoy everything in one place? Have fun shopping and going on different rides all day and when you get tired, you know the hotel room is just right there.

Waterbom Bali

Bali is a famous tourist spot in Indonesia. Every year, it is flooded with tourists looking for an escape from their busy lives. And at Waterbom, you really forget about everything else. Spanning an area that covers 3.8 hectares, Waterbom is fun for people of all ages. If you love adventures, take a ride on Asia’s steepest slide known as The Climax. 

The green theme of the park is also soothing to the eyes and if you have kids, they would have the time of their lives in this place. So do not even think, just go to this amazing place.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Dive deep into the wildlife as you explore more about the animals living here through the Bali Safari. Although there is a zoo in Bali, the safari takes you on a greater adventure, where you fall in love with the wildlife. It is a bit more expensive than the zoo but every penny is definitely worth it. 

And after your ride, you can have fun in the Bali Safari and Marine park which is filled with exceptional rides and fun play areas for people of all ages. If you have never been here before, then Bali Safari and Marine Park are definitely worth a visit.

Mikie Funland, Medan

With a playground and a recreation park, Mikie Funland offers a plethora of attractions with just one ticket. Get that ticket and you can enjoy a whole day of unlimited fun. The rides here are extreme and awesome for adrenaline junkies. 

But if you have kids, do not fear because there is something for everyone in this wonderful park. The fresh mountain air keeps the area refreshing and with over 35 different attractions, the day will never end for you at Mikie Funland. So take yourself or your family and friends to this amazing place where they can have the time of their lives and enjoy a perfect weekend.

Bali Bird Park

Not only the kids and adults who love adrenaline can have a good time here but if you love just sitting back and watching birds fly away then Bali has something to offer to you too. Bali Bird Park is a zoo that is perfect for fans of the winged creature, with every different species of birds all over Indonesia, Bali Theme Park is also home to some birds from Africa and South America. 

If you are looking for a gentle yet beautiful place, Bird Park is your paradise. So take a break and relax in the awesomeness that this place offers.

If you could not tell, let us repeat it for you one more time. Indonesia has something to offer for everyone, no matter what your age is or what your choices are, you would always be able to find something fun and interesting to do. 

And the theme parks here are no different. With a wide variety to select from, the fun is unimaginary and your weekend is going to be just perfect if you plan it right. So take a good look at this list and decide how you want to spend your weekend and go on that dream vacation of yours.

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