Floating Colorful Umbrella Street | Beautiful Place To Hang out in Nepal

First for the most “The Floating Umbrella Street” is principally constructed in Kathmandu, Nepal, targeting tourists. It is located at Te bahal, Sankata Temple.

At this moment Umbrella street is all over the place everyone is making their own Umbrella street on their place, but Kathmandu originally created this stuff for more attraction for travelers. “New Road Street” of Kathmandu turned out in a multicolored appearance on the 15th of December 2020. 

About Floating Umbrella Street Kathmandu

As you stroll along the street, you will get up to Santaka holy temple positioned at Te Bahal, Kathmandu as well as the Sankata a very popular godhead who is worshipped, especially on Saturdays, to ward off bad luck and sickness.

Sankata is worshiped by Buddhists as well who authorize the temple to Chanda Mahoroshan. One of the curious things about the god is that for Hindus, Sankata is a goddess while Buddhists take the idols God Bhairav.

The Umbrella Street In Kathmandu Nepal | Finest Place To Hangout

Floating Umbrella Street (Hangout Spot For Commuters)

It is a street intentionally decorated to attract a lot of sightseers so that visitors can enjoy the whole place and in fact, that can take pictures to remember. There is much more to see in the immediate area than this street, but it is a novelty that is not out of the way and is worth seeing if you stroll in this area. And even have the value to admit it as one of the trendy streets of recent in Nepal.

The Umbrella Street In Kathmandu Nepal | One of the Finest Place To Hangout

There are multiple shops, restaurants, and bars blasting music into the streets. You can do all you’re shopping and eat at some very good restaurants there. You can also inspect Lots of old old old buildings, many of the restaurants and bars have rooftop terraces and are worth checking out the scenes.

Finally, Things To Consider

  • Public Vehicles are not allowed inside New Road. It suggests you have to either go on foot or by your private vehicle.
  • Restrooms probably won’t be promptly accessible. Thus, shopping centers can be the arrangement
The Umbrella Street In Kathmandu Nepal | One of the Finest Place To Hangout In Kathmandu

Well! Don’t Rush Just Randomly, Beware Of Covid-19 TooIn peak hours, the street is crowded most of the time even in the night hours. Henceforth, make sure you are maintaining social distancing while strolling down the street.

When possible, keeping about 6 feet of distance between yourself and others is key. Use prevention techniques like avoiding touching your face and washing your hands. If possible, visit the street at times when there are likely to be fewer people dwelling.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1) How to get to Floating Umbrella Street?

It refers to a two-lane street in the center of Kathmandu. Click here for a satellite view.

Q.2) Is Kathmandu safe at night?

It is very safe since it is the main area of Kathmandu.

Q.3) What are other famous places to visit in Kathmandu?

Q.4) What is the best time to visit Kathmandu?

Between October and December is the best time to visit.

Q.5) Is Nepal more expensive than India?

The cost of living in Nepal is 24% more expensive than in India.

Q.6)Where is another big umbrella road in Nepal?

An umbrella street constructed in Patihani, Chitwan, at the cost of Rs. 30 million was inaugurated by the chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda on Thursday. Patihani is one of the 100 tourist destinations declared by the government.

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