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Pokhara is Nepal’s number 1 adventure and relaxation location, an entrance to a hike in the Annapurna area with a lot of entertainment for sole travelers and their families. In Pokhara, you can discover the enthusiasm of adventure: drifting, climbing, horse rides, paragliding, bungee, zipline or really relaxing at one of the several lakes in the valley. 

Pokhara will overwhelm you with its natural elegance and remarkable photography activities. Hike along the banks of the Fewa Lake, enjoy the greenery surrounding you and look at the awesome all-encompassing scene on the Himalayan towers of the Annapurna Massif. Beautifully painted wooden boats add dynamic nature to the greenery, while paragliders glide down steadily from above.

Flying over the lake is most likely going to be one of the specialties of your trip experience in Nepal.

10 Best places to visit in Pokhara

  • Phewa Lake
  • Davis fall
  • International Mountain Museum
  • Sarangkot
  • Begnas Lake
  • Mahendra Cave
  • Shree Bindhyabasini Temple
  • Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave
  • Tal Barahi Temple
  • World Peace Stupa

1) Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake, the second biggest lake in Nepal after Rara lies in the heart of Pokhara valley and is one of the most ever now and again visited objections by nature sweethearts in Nepal and all around the world.

Lying at a height of 2434 ft, the lake spreads over a region of 4.3 sq km with a normal profundity of 28 ft. The lake is semi-regular as it took care of by streams like Harpan Khola, Purse Khola, and Pardi Khola, and additionally managed by a man-made dam.

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

Lakeside, a little city on the northern piece of the lake isn’t only a great place to hang out yet, in addition, a travel setting for adventurers to various destinations like the Annapuran circuit, Poon slope, Ghadruk, Mustang, and some more. Read more…

2) Davis Falls

Davis Fall in Pokhara is an exceptional waterfall that makes 500 feet in length underground tunnel as it arrives at its base. This passage has brought the fall its name, i.e Patale Chango in the Nepalese language, which signifies “underground waterfall.” Supplied by Phewa Lake Dam, the waterfall is surrounded by plentiful vegetation.

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

A milestone of Pokhara, Devi’s waterfall is an absolute must-visit when in Nepal. Observe the richness of nature as you see this epic fall battling with rocks to free itself. Read more…

3) International Mountain Museum

The International Mountain Museum in Pokhara has a tremendous collection of artifacts, novel gear, stories, and photos of the mountains, their residents, and the travelers who climbed probably the most elevated tops on the planet. The historical center gives you a record of individuals living in the Himalayas and the 14 most exceptional peaks and their most well-known operations. It likewise includes a few exhibits from other mountain divisions, for example, Slovenia and Japan. 

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

International Mountain Museum was set up in 1995 by Nepal Mountaineering Association to keep a record and archive the set of experiences, advancement, improvement, and unbelievable accomplishments in mountaineering. Each portion of the historical center is intended to highlight the praiseworthy achievements of legendary mountain climbers in the tall Himalayas and around the earth.

4) Sarangkot

A small village which has its own natural beauty. The best thing about the village of Sarangkot is that it lies on the outskirts of Pokhara city. Moreover, you will also get a chance to view one of the most beautiful Annapurna Himalayan ranges. You can also view the orange hues along with some beautiful mountain ranges. Even if you aren’t a morning person, watching the sunrise behind some of the world’s tallest mountains is an experience worth getting up early for.

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

Sarangkot Hill is famous for its breathtaking sunrise views of the Annapurna Range and Fishtail Mountain (Machhapuchhare). And for a good reason. It’s glorious! Climb the stairs to get a panoramic look of the Himalayan peaks all the way from Dhaulagiri (the world’s 7th highest mountain) in the west to the peak of Annapurna II in the east. This is an epic way to start the day.

5) Begnas Lake

A calm freshwater lake in the Kaski district of Nepal that changes color depending upon the season. It is the second biggest of the eight lakes in Pokhara valley with a most extreme deepness of 10 meters. 

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

It takes around 40 minutes by transport from Pokhara to arrive at the lake. Not a long way from the disturbing crowd yet amazingly clean and calm. Since it is visited almost less, the original beauty is undisturbed. Boating, fishing, and swimming are part of the activities you can enjoy, the bonus being embracing green mountains.

6) Mahendra Cave

Situated in Batulechaur, Mahendra cave is a famous cave that vacationers can investigate in the city. The cave is named after King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev and is an immense natural construction in limestone. Hindus consider the cave holy and have added a statue of Lord Shiva, however geologically, this is a cave with calcium salt properties composing underground rock structures and stalagmites. 

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

Mahendra Cave was found during the 1900s by shepherds and has been carefully analyzed by specialists from the United Kingdom in 1976. The topography and biodiversity of the cave and its environmental factors have been archived as a piece of the research. The data from the district is considered significant for future campaigns and is, until now, appropriated as testimonial material by researchers.

7) Shree Bindhyabasini Temple

Bindhyabasini temple is one of the popular temples of Nepal. It is addressed as the Hindu goddess Bindhyabasini, a Bhagawati who is accepted to be the caretaker god of the city of lakes. Other than that, the temple is a recognized touring charm in Pokhara.

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

It is the oldest established temple in Pokhara. Crowned on top of a little hill, the Bindhyabasini temple rests peacefully near an old busy bazaar, 3002 feet above ocean level looking at the brilliant Himalayan ranges. The temple mirrors a much-needed refresher in the center of the disturbing Pokhara.

8) Tal Barahi Temple

Tal Barahi Temple also called ‘Barahi Temple is a Hindu temple of the Goddess Durga. This is the main holy landmark in Pokhara. This temple is situated on a little island. It is constructed dramatically in the center of Phewa Lake.

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

The original structure of the temple is constructed using stones and has a concealed rooftop. The emotional appearance of its area itself pulls in everybody. As the temple is arranged on a little island, the best way to visit it is by boat. Simply of the exceptional quietness of the spot.

9) World Peace Stupa

Balanced on a narrow ridge high above Phewa Tal (Lake), the brilliant-white World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara is a massive Buddhist stupa that was constructed by Buddhist monks from the Japanese Nipponzan Myōhōji organization. Besides being an impressive sight in itself, the shrine is a vantage point that offers spectacular views of the Annapurna range and Pokhara city. There are three paths up to the pagoda and several small cafes once you arrive.

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

It is a perfect spot for a view of the Himalayan range, Fewa Lake, and Pokhara city. Many people go to the top for the amazing view of sunrise and sunset as well. It is 7 kilometers far from Pokhara and there are several ways to reach the peace pagoda. You can hike through several hiking trails, cycling there or for those who are not in good physical condition, there is the possibility to take a taxi from Chorepatan.

10) Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is inspected as the longest cave( 2950) in Nepal. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave was founded in 1950, in any case, the entrance of the cave was constructed late in 1991. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is nearby Davis Fall and the water of Davis Fall goes through this cave.

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

You are guided to take your own torchlight during your visit inside the cave, though, there is an appropriate light injected by the administration. Loss of power backup may raise difficulty during your visit so it’s suggested.

11) Old Bazaar

Pokhara has without a doubt developed into a delightful metropolitan city, yet there are still a few spots here hugged with rich social and factual significance. As is observed for common beauty and experience sports this city has an old-fashioned gem of design as well.

To 10 Places To Visit In Pokhara | 2021 Updated Travel Guide

Walk on the roads of Bhairab Tole where there is a 200 years of age temple bound to Lord Bhimsen. Visit the nearby market sectors here and inspect the way of life of the individuals here with the ones in the city. Likewise, notice the tremendous Newari culture here. The Old towns of Pokhara give you the experiences of this lovely spot before Modernization hit this spot.

Frequently asked questions :

Q,1)What are the top activities in Pokhara?

The top activities in Pokhara are Shared Tourist Bus Transfers from Pokhara to Kathmandu, Paragliding Pokhara, Pokhara City Sightseeing, Ultralight Flight, Sarangkot Sunrise View, Upper Seti River Rafting.

Q.2)What is the best time to visit Pokhara?

Autumn (September to November) is the best time to visit Pokhara.

Q.3)What is Pokhara famous for?

Pokhara is one of the most famous locations in Nepal. Infinite vacationers visit Pokhara Valley to see the Himalayan range and lakes. Pokhara is likewise popular for drifting, journeying, boating, and extreme games like boating, kayaking and bungee hopping.

Q.4)What are the top sightseeing places in Pokhara?

The top sightseeing places in Pokhara are Annapurna Circuit, Phewa Lake, Sarangkot, Shanti Stupa, Pokhara, Tibetan Refugee Camp, and International Mountain Museum.

Q.5)Can I see Everest from Pokhara?

No, You can’t see Everest from Pokhara but a Mountain flight is another option to see Everest.

Q.6)How Far is Pokhara from Kathmandu?

Pokhara is 210 Km away from Kathmandu.

Q.7)How far is Pokhara from Chitwan?

The distance between Pokhara and Chitwan District is 92 km. The road distance is 151.1 km.

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