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Why Should You Put A Crayon In Your Wallet When Traveling?

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You might be wondering “why to put a crayon in your wallet when traveling alone?”. And maybe thinking about the need for crayons in wallets in this modern world. Where we are using high-tech gadgets more and more.

There may be different thoughts and purposes. So, here are the diverse viewpoints we have found on this crayon-in-wallet trick.


Is there really a “crayon in wallet hack” that claims “why to put a crayon in your wallet when you travel?”

Yes, people speak of this traveling hack may be for a few reasons. People claim to “always carry a crayon in your wallet when traveling.”

You will come to know a few travel tricks which are somewhere worth applying. But. especially for valuable assets like a wallet. Any chance can create a losing possibility when things get misconceived.

Yet, we’ve found a few unique hacks that are sincerely great and can ease someone’s living as well.

Here’s Why Carry A Crayon In Wallet When Traveling Alone?

When we studied deeper it became difficult for us to present a clear point. But yes, we found some interesting tricks that actually work.

1. Child Safety

why put a crayon in your wallet when traveling
Pic courtesy: Twitter

To distract the impatient kids to doodle, by accompanying them with a piece of paper around a crayon.

It is practical to know that most parents are aware to carry a crayon in their wallet whenever they go outdoors. Either for dinner or for any other events. The pack of crayons color can grab the attention of most restless kids.

Their lovable colors either that’s red crayons, yellow crayons, or whatsoever colors are. These offerings along with a sheet of paper may work to get kids managed.

Any parent can pretty relate and learn how this works for kids to make them calm.

2. Crayon When Wrapped Won’t Damage Other Things In the Wallet

experts say keep a crayon in your wallet
Image source: YouTube

A purpose to write, Crayon is better than pencils and pens in a few cases.

In crayons, the limitations like exploding and leakage of ink don’t happen to be true.

In fact, if we talk about pencils, their tips break more often which makes them less convenient. There comes repeated demand for the sharpening tool which creates trouble during travel.

But, placing the crayon in your wallet during traveling can always make a way to write. On whatever condition, until and unless it gets lost.

3. Navigation Tool

To leave a trace mark in off-the-right situations like solo hiking, camping, etc.

Some wild travelers can relate. Do you know why? Because of the self-centered commuting environment, annoyed by this rush world.

Favoring digital detox & solo trips into the wild are normal. Not even using mobile phones. But barely though there might come the risk of getting lost. In such situations writing for help could be possible with the help of these crayons.

4. Crayon In Wallet Life Hack

Why carry a crayon when traveling?

Experts say keep a crayon in your wallet to prevent from happening

The reports and pieces of evidence show something different. They remark putting crayons inside wallet appeared as one of the probable hacks to prevent hazards.

But, the reason for placing crayons in your wallet is mainly centered on child safety.

5. Crayon In Wallet other Hacks

This is something off the wall.

Some people place a crayon in their wallets when traveling to keep their wallet cards straightened. Sounds unusual right?

But yes, the cards and the identity proof inside the wallet curves, all we had experienced was this piece of the problem. When it’s wrаpped in а piece of pаper, it won’t dаmаge any other wаllet items which is a good prospect.

But Wait There’s Something More! writer Diane Mtetwa wrote about a particular crayon and paper traveling experience.

Thieves Hate Crayons In Wallets

The helper can use the crayon and the paper when someone is in distress.

If the sufferer wants to leave a message? Without drawing much attention to thieves, or even traffickers to get saved. Following up on these and passing on the message to the nearest helping person or police. This technique is almost safe.

No, crayons don’t have some secret homing device that’ll alert a sound when a child is in trouble. But, if you think a kid is in a difficult situation and want to hand them something. That’ll allow them to write a note without drawing attention. Which is fewer things more innocuous than a crayon and a sheet of paper.

Is It Fact Based?

I have discovered people having trouble finding why would anyone put a crayon in wallet when traveling.

Many of the probable reasons were proposed, as you can witness in the below “Twitter post“.

crayon in wallet trick
Pic courtesy: Twitter

However, the actual origin appeared as “when traveling with children“, which actually makes sense instead of the clickbait titles.

It’s a difficult task to accommodate children while traveling. Hats off to the parents. Traveling with children is not always easy “how we think”.

Best Way To Put Crayons In Wallet

The way to keep crayons in the wallet is simple – take a crayon from your child’s coloring box and stick it into your wallet or purse!

Or if your child’s crayon box is so old or thin from use that it cannot be used anymore. For parents, it may be worth buying.

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